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DIY Photobooth


We are on a bit of a tight budget but I really love the idea of some sort of photobooth, especially one where the print outs would be instant so guests could stick them in a guest book and write a little note. Has anyone managed a DIY Photobooth? If you have could you please share how you did it and how much it cost? I keep thinking this will have to be a pipe dream as we could afford max £100, assuming I don't overspend elsewhere...


  • You need something like this: Canon do them as well, and I'm sure there are other makes. Couple it with a cheap digital camera and some photo paper and you should have a bit of change for some silly props from a charity shop/ebay etc.
  • mrsw2be2011mrsw2be2011 Posts: 17
    I looked into doing this but decided it was too much of a faff to get guests to print their own pictures and connect the camera etc. I am having one anyway just using my own the camera and printing the pictures later on. But, I have made a lot of my own props, and I'm having a fabric backdrop which is floral and getting a small 2x2 meter gazebo as ours is going outside, and we have made signs for people to hold up and have a chalkboard and things too. I will be selling it all after the wedding if you are interested x
  • Thanks bigbumbling bee, I can't believe how cheap it is, but it looks like it will only do about 10 photos before the battery runs out, I'll have to check if that's the case and read about how fidddly it is so I will know if it easy for guests to use or not. Mrsw2be2011 I keep an eye on the swap and sale and best buys thread so I might well end up buying some of your props.
  • Hi,

    We are doing a diy photobooth also.

    All im doing is pinning up some lovely fabric, providing a box of props, (mostly bought from ebay!) a small chalk board for people to write on their message, and im leaving my digital camera with a new blank memory card in.

    Was considering the polaroid but again i feel they are a bit expensive.This way i can have all the pics to keep and print off as many as i like if the guests want a cop for themselves.

    Im sure other gueests wont mind taking each others pictures, especially when they will get a laugh from it!
  • mrsmccrow2bmrsmccrow2b Posts: 80
    We had a diy photobooth at our wedding and it was the highlight of the event! It gave people something to do as well as a talking point and we now have a fantastic guest book!!!!

    My costs were:

    Fuji instax instant camera - about £30 - ebay

    FUji instax widee film - about £14 per pack (20 photos in a pack) - ebay - we had 50 guests and used about 50 shots - most people were photographed in pairs, but the camera was later taken on the dancefloor for more amazing photos

    Batteries - 3 packs of 15 batteries (we used 2) - £3 - poundland

    fancy dress proprs - £45 - costume shop, tiger and primark

    guestbook - £20 - etsy

    photo corners - £2 - wh smith

    The guest book itself was a photo album which I then stuck the photo corners into.

    We also have fab photos by our photographer of people dressing up and having their photo taken. It was such a cheap form of entertainment for eveyone and people wrote far more interesting comments than just the usual "best wishes for your wedding" as they were a bit hyperactive after dressing up!

    I recommend using an instant old-schoool film camera as people became excited just by the sight of it!
  • We're having a DIY photobooth too! I've already got a Polaroid camera, just need to get some film. I like the idea of getting an old frame so people can hold that up, and having some props for silly photos. I saw this in a magazine somewhere and it was so cute, I just really love the idea.
  • bubblegum_pbubblegum_p Posts: 275
    Yup, us too! We have a Fuji Instax and film bought at similar prices to mrsmccrow2b and I have made fimo moustaches and lips, bought about 5 pairs of heart shaped sunnies, and we have a heart shaped chalkboard for messages (about £8 from ebay)

    I've bought photo stickies so that guests can stick the pics straight into the guestbook. H2B wants to scan them all after the wedding as he is worried about colour fade and doesn't want me to open up the guestbook in 30 years time and start crying because all the photos have disappeared!
  • AmberlinnieAmberlinnie Posts: 508
    Im having a DIY photobooth too!

    I'm not sure how its going to work yet. My Dad is building me a booth and I am going to paint it. I am going to get props and put them in a box. I have the guest book, need to stick the photo corners in it. My bridesmaid has a Mac and my BIL2B is going to sort out a programme that will take the photos and instantly print them in a touch of a button. No idea how its all going to work.

    Although BIL2B is being a bit slack with the Mac side of it! xx
  • baybii_smurfbaybii_smurf Posts: 173
    I love this idea. I really wanted a photobooth to but couldnt justify the prices. Just been having a look on ebay and around for some cheap props and have a list that i like the idea of... just things like: mustaches, top hats, different shaped glasses, chalkboard, wigs- maybe a clown wig and red nose, love the empty photo frame idea, and a few things i already have in the house like a banana costume maybe for the kids to play in!

    Its all getting so exciting image
  • janiejane2janiejane2 Posts: 7
    For the tech side, have a look at this - (I think it mentions MACs if not there are other tutorials on the site too).

    We have tried out the software and it worked perfectly.

    Hope it all goes well image
  • mrsmccrow2bmrsmccrow2b Posts: 80
    bubblegum_p - I'm currently scanning the polaroid photos as we are also concerned about fading. I'm doing each photo individually and will slip a print of guest's polaroid photo in their thank you card as a surprise.

    I'm also scanning the whole pages of the guestbook to then make a photobook with so if something happens to the real book and real prints we still have a backup.
  • bubblegum_pbubblegum_p Posts: 275
    mrsmccrow2b - thanks, that's a great tip - am so making a photobook as a backup now, and would love to give each guest a copy of their photo image
  • Thanks so much for all your replies, whether guests would actually be willing to part with their instant pictures or not was one of the other problems I had with an instant camera, scanning the pictures and sending copies to the guests in Thankyou cards sounds great! Janiejane2, this looks incredibly professional and I am very impressed, if I can borrow a DSLR off a friend I will definitely consider this, though I don't think I will make a proper booth like that, it looks a bit beyond me.
  • janiejane2janiejane2 Posts: 7
    You don't need a DSLR camera. We are planning on just using our webcam with the software loaded on the laptop - works really well. The software they recommend is very easy to use, prints automatically and you can add text such as date, thanks for coming to our wedding.

    The booth is a bit beyond us too but plan to set the laptop up on a table contected to the printer and pin some fabric or other background to the wall behind.

    OH says he can answer any tech questions - I love a geek!! image
  • Thanks so much! I kind of lost track of this thread but now exams are over and I can really crack on with Planning, I have rediscovered it, I will wait and see what we have available to us closer to the time, but it is good to know we can just use a webcam if we can get hold of a DSLR.
  • I told H2B we are having a DIY photo booth, I refuse to pay £400-£500 for someone to come and do it, and knowing our friends and family, props will bet 'stolen' and moved around the dance floor then taken home! image

    Not sure, how we are going to do the whole actual taking photos bit, either put a ditigral camera out on the table, or get someone to take them, we have friends that do photographer through H2B's band, so they could also do it..!! hmmm

    How is everyone else doing it
  • Hi all, 

    We run a photo booth company down in Kent and see a few brides putting together DIY photo booths. The best we have seen is the simple Ipad booths and then posting all the photos up on social media for your guests to enjoy after the wedding.

    If you are looking to go the whole hog and get a high quality professional feel is usually cheaper to hire in a photo booth company.

    There's some great deals out there and if they are using DSLR cameras and event printers then usually you cant beat the results for the money.

    Id be more than happy to advise any brides on here about DIY booths or to hire a photo booth.

    Your Booths Kent

  • My fiancé has made one for our wedding using a raspberry pi. He has then linked this to a printer. 

     we have then put this into a vintage camera and there is a button and lights so guests will know when it is taking the pictures and printing. It looks super professional actually. 

    It cost around £250 and some time for the programming. if you didn't want the vintage camera style thing the raspberry pi can be put into anything. Lots of people use the raspberry pi to create magic mirrors. 

    The photos then are for the guest to keep and the raspberry pi stores a digital copy so that we also have one. No offence to any one using the Polaroid we just thought this was a bit of a stitch up for the guests as they don't get to take anything away from it. This way our guests get something and so do we. 

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