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Presents for Mums, bridesmaid, best man and usher?

Need to get these in the next 3 weeks - Eek - wedding 10 June 2011 - any suggestions?




  • were getting the best man one of those experience days, the mums a spa day and ushers a personalised bottle of their fave spirit each.

    Hope this helps x
  • NowMrsT62011NowMrsT62011 Posts: 2,580
    I have been stressing about this for weeks but I'm finally getting somewhere. Here what we got so far-

    Head bm- pearl bracelet with and engraved diamante heart in an engraved case plus a compact mirror.

    Other bms, a piece of costume jewelry and compact mirror. Probably get them all a mini bottle of wine too.

    Best Man- Engraved whisky glass and engraved cufflinks.

    Usher- Engraved cufflinks and not sure what else yet?

    Mums- stuck on those too! Thinking of getting my mum her favorite perfume?
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    BM's - jewellery, engraved compact mirror and some of their fave chocolates.

    Bestmen & Dads (h2b's bro and Dad are his bestman so decided to get my Dad the same) - Watch, engraved quaich and bottle of their fave spirit

    Ushers - Watch, mini celtic quaich and mini bottle of their fave spirit

    Mums - Hamper with a novelty bottle holder and a bottle of their fave wine, a box of their fave chocolates and some smelly stuff.

    Happy planning! x
  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    I love the hamper idea for the Mums!

    I'm going for jewelery for my MoH, probably a bracelet. I am also considering a spa retreat for both of us to go on together later in the year (we are chief bridesmaids for each other and our weddings are only 2 months apart, so reckon we'll need a break when it's all over!!!)

    Probably a personalised tankard for our Best Man

    Now likely to do personalised hamepers for the Mumsimage
  • icklekidicklekid Posts: 732
    Just saw today on a different thread these bridesmaids journals which I am def getting for mine lovely memory of the day and our friendship!

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