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licence for videographer in church...

julie27ukjulie27uk Posts: 606

is anyone having a videographer filming their ceremony in Church? How much was your licence to do this and how do i go about getting one? image


  • I think if you just google it, it should come up.

    We've got a leaflet at home that the vicar gave us which we'll do ours from.
  • mrslathburymrslathbury Posts: 10
    The church charged us an extra £50.
  • shellycrook2bshellycrook2b Posts: 1,299
    The church said that they would organise it but then our videographer said that they would prefer to do it themselves so they know they are covered. They are just going to give the vicar a copy of the licence on the day. I think they said it was £30.

  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    omg, I've never even heard of this. Does anyone know why you have to get a licence? My Vicar hasnt mentioned it x
  • Berrykiss2011Berrykiss2011 Posts: 192
    Also you have to pay your organist Double!!!
  • MrsM2be2012MrsM2be2012 Posts: 143
    i never heard of needing a licence, however the minister did say we would need to pay and extra £60 to have photographer and videorapher in the church. why would a licence be needed????
  • tiffers586tiffers586 Posts: 83
    Hi Ladies

    My licence for video was £8.17 and i purchased it from depending on what you need to cover depends on the price
  • I think you need it for copyright purposes. As the hymns are copywrited you have to have permission to video them. Same with music you have at the reception.
  • lizzie1975lizzie1975 Posts: 21
    our vicar said if its a proffessional videographer then they need a licence, but if a friend or member of family are doing it then its FREE!!!!!!!!!
  • FinallyMrsCFinallyMrsC Posts: 194
    We had to pay the church another £100 - and that was for either a professional or if a family member was doing it! I think the church fee is more to do with copyright etc. Our videographer has organised the licence (included in his fee).
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