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What evening entertainment are you having?

Just wondering what everyone's having as entertainment for their evening reception? We have a great DJ sorted but were wonding whether to go for a casino table or something for the guests who aren't so fussed on dancing. We're finding it hard to decide whether it's worth the extra money and looking for a bit of inspiration! What are you all doing?


  • Well we are having a DJ, I wanted a band but H2B hates covers bands with a passion image

    We are going to have a Candy Bar (doubles as favors)

    DIY photo booth (a few cheap laughs hehe)

    A few giant indoor games (Jenga etc)

    Bouquet Toss

    Cake cutting

    Fireworks!!!!! image and then sparklers, more for me than anyone else!

    Besides the fireworks, non of ours is alot of money!
  • Were having a DJ, a sweet buffet and we have booked a casino. I think it will be great. I did want sum dancers but dont think il bother with them now cuz they are cuming up quite expensive
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    We are having a DJ but want quite an interactive one, e.g. thinking about doing a mini disco from half 7 (when the evening reception starts) until 8pm when the food is served. Food and cake cutting will probably take an hour. We also have a photo booth, it comes with a prop box but we're going to do our own instead as know that half the props will get adopted! We have some giant games for the garden in the day which may well get used. I don't think you need masses of entertainment, especially if budget's tight, as a lot of relatives like to just sit around and chat and catch up with family members they haven't seen in ages - at our engagement party there wasn't much dancing as everyone was treating it like a family reunion, was good though!
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