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I am currently looking for a wedding venue for about 170 in the evening and 100 in the day but the venues i find the most intimate are too expensive!

We are thinking about having a marquee but the grounds hire is making it too expensive also!

I have found a few marquee for about £3500 and if i could do this in a field with good parking and easy access it would be great but I am having trouble finding anywhere on the internet for the right price. Has anyon else had this problem that could offer some advice?

I live in Cheshire/Warrington...does anyone know how I can find a field/land to rent for my wedding day?

Hope you can help! xx


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    Be very careful going down this route, most wedding insurance wont cover your own marquee, nor offer public liablity for this sort of thing! and by doing it in a field, you wouldnt be covered by any home insurance policies etc either.

    Most land owners dont advertise land for rent on the internet, try looking in the farming sections of your local news papers, or if you have feed stores such as countrywide etc in your area, check their notice boards for land to rent.

    Or alternatively, if you have a particular field in mind, it would be worth asking at nearby farms to see who owns it, and approach them directly, just because it is not advertised for rent, doesnt mean the owner wouldnt let you rent it for the weekend.

    You also need to be careful arranging something like this as to what condition the land will be in at the time of your wedding, if it has been used for crops then the land will be very uneven, and of course, if its been used for grazing, how soon prior to the event will the animals vacate? If its an idol pasture, how long will the grass be at the time of your event etc...

    Sorry, dont mean to sound so negative, but its not quite as simple as borrowing a field and throwing a marquee up!
  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for your reply! I didnt think about half of that stuff...well you have really got me thinking now!

    Thanks for yur advice

  • i would suggest contacting your local NFU office and seeing if they can reccomend any friendly farmers who may be prepared to let you have a field. Just be prepared to tidy it up within an inch of its life. Farmers don't like rubbish, particularly metal or things that end up in cows stomaches or getting caught in a combine.Also, young farmers will have a selection of people who regularly do partys in barns in local farms or even on fields, ask them if they can reccomend anyone (contact the chairman or secratary) OR do you have any local country shows? The land is often set aside as the footfall makes it difficult to farm the rest of the year
  • We are using an agricultural showground for our marquee. Tarmac roads into the site and for parking, permanent toilets (I didn't fancy using a portaloo in my dress image ) Maybe there is somewhere similar locally you could try?
  • My friend hired a marquee and put it up in a campsite, they hired out the entire site for the day and some people also then camped at night

    The site already had had all the facilities (water/electric/toilets) and they used the field space for the marquee, it would be worth finding out if any campsites near you would allow this?
  • I'm not sure if the Wirral is too far away from where you are looking, but have you heard of Church Farm:
  • I think the second reply got the wrong end of the stick. I assume you are thinking of RENTING a marquee rather than buying one? Any marquee you buy for £3,500 will be rubbish. Sorry but a marquee for that number of guests should cost in the region of £30,000 to buy including linings etc.

    Sites to try for land hire are:

    Good luck!

  • Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for all of your replies, yes I am thinkinh of hiring one, i am routing through all of the websites you have given me as we speak!

    Fingers crossed!

  • Try - field hire with beautiful views as well as 4* accommodation on site and also camping - in macclesfield, cheshire

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    Missclayton2 did you find anywhere? As I am thinking of going the same route and we are also in warrington? Xx

  • I've catered a few weddings throughout the NW, i'll have a look through this years events and forward on any details i have, if you have an email address you can give me?

    Off the top of my head Alderley Edge cricket club will allow you to put up a marquee and there are very reasonable as long as you use there bar service for the night.

    Ask for Jon berry, mention me Dave atcall the caterers(you might get a discount!)


    Hope that helps, Dave  

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    Brook house farm in Shropshire has a beautiful campsite with a brook, a  cottage, toilets and showers.

    Weddings are possible telephone 01694771599

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    Hi everyone, hope you don't mind me jumping in on this thread but my partner and I are looking for a very similar set up (field in lovely location or pretty campsite in which we can put a marquee for a small wedding of about 40-50 guests) during the summer of 2016 in East Anglia.

    Does anyone know of any links/ farmers/ campsites/ fields of any description in this region that wouldn't break the bank?!

    We're on an incredibly tight budget of £5000 all in and the 'official' venues that we've tried (public wildlife parks included) are just way too expensive.

    Any ideas at all would be massively helpful!

    Many thanks, Jo x

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