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favours - which ones have you actually taken home?!


reading another thread on here got me thinking - in previous weddings you have been to which favours have been the ones you remember and want to take home/use?

i dont see the point in paying for a favour thats going to be left on the table!!!


  • KwilsonxKwilsonx Posts: 39
    At my cousins wedding the favours were little minature perfumes/aftershaves in little gift bags ..We took them home. But at the same time we might have left them if it was a fragrane we didn't like....

    I understand where you're coming from. But I think no matter what you give as a favour there will always be a few guests who do not like what you've given them. e.g they might not like almonds if you give almonds lol. And remember aswell that there will be people who forget to put them in their bag.

    I think we are going for a little retro sweetie bundle..there should be something in there to suit everyone without spending a fortune.

  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    I had perfume vials, we had different variations and it was cool seeing people swap them around at the wedding until people all got one that they liked, also going round to friends houses afterwards and seeing there vial in the bathroom almost empty was most satisfying, there were none left at our wedding thats for sure.

    I have since been to weddings that have given almonds in a bag and another wedding where shortbread was made, I saw plenty of these left behind.

    When we was in Turkey last month though, as it was a small wedding the bride bought full bottles of perfume for everyone, i got a 50ml bottle of Victoria Beckham, very nice and gratefully appreciated
  • At one of my cousins weddings the girls got fudge, and the guys got mini bottles of whisky. It was nice that there was a definition between the guys and girls (not so nice that the organisers clearly couldn't work out that my name is the girls version, and so I got whisky on my place setting!!!)

    I am trying to find personalised chocolate coins for our wedding favours. That way if any get left behind, I'm happy to eat them!!! But I'm having difficulty finding a company in the UK that can do them image

    I have also been to a wedding where there were no favours at all - I actually missed not having a little something on the table waiting for me!

  • BrideyBooBrideyBoo Posts: 524
    We're doing charity pins becuase most people will pin them on straight away and even if everyone left their favours we'd still have donated that money to our favourite charity and that's the most important thing really image
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    As hubbys family are Polish we had Polish Cherry Vokda with personalised labels on. Each bottle had 4 shots in. We invited everyone to do a Polish cheers with a vodka shot after the champagne toast.... there were no bottles left on the tables when they did the change over for the evening imageimageimage
  • BUggabooBUggaboo Posts: 398
    I will probably just go with sweets or chocolate. Can't go wrong with that and I don't see the point in spending a fortune when you are giving everyone a free 3 course meal too.
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    We did home - made vanilla and maple syrup fudge and I wanted some at the end of the night but they had all been taken home or eaten at the table...people loved them !

    Be aware some chocolate is really poor quality in the personalised packages.
  • MrsKGtoBMrsKGtoB Posts: 286
    Mainly the edible ones! These include homemade parkin wrapped up in little brown paper parcels and jelly beans which came in personalised shot glasses.

    Edit to say my best friend made pots of jam and marmalade, they mainly went down well.

    We were thinking of doing little pots of alpine herbs for the ladies and miniature bottles of jeagermeister for blokes but has just occured to me a winning strategy is making them fit in a handbag.... pots of herbs maybe not going to work!

    The idea of the little perfume vials is lovely.
  • JaneK2011JaneK2011 Posts: 516
    My sister did the traditional sugared almonds in a pouch with jellied sweets for the children. I don't like them but they were cheap so it didn't matter if some people left them.

    I like the edible ones like shortbread or chocolate truffles and I don't like anything that doesn't fit in my handbag or I'm expected to something with it like seeds to plant. However everyone is different and it the favour has a special meaning to the couple then that's nice.

    I've heard of couples doing fans for the ladies which i thought was a good idea for summer.

    I decided to do a sweetie table instead of favours as I'm sure it will be a good and popular use of the funds. image
  • I'm going for the edible favours, that way they should get eaten and not forgotten. We are having cogs and gear shaped choccies (it's a Steampunk thing).

    I think most weddings I've been to have had choccies as favours and they get nibbled in between courses (or during the speeches). I've never left a favour behind, but I may have left them hidden in a drawer. None stick out in my mind though.
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    We are doing Percy Pigs, because I love them. I figured that if they are left, I will eat them. Secretly hoping they will be left... I will be honest, I actually can't remember the favours in most of the weddings I have been to. Yet, I imagine I'd be looking at every little detail if I went to one now. I think that's the realisation of planning a wedding and how much effort goes in.
  • We can't afford much for our favours but really wanted to give something.

    We stumbled across some favour boxes at our local car boot sale (75 for £10 - bargain), and they are unused, left over from someone's wedding.

    My partner's Mum is going to make peppermint creams in our colours (turquoise, pink and ivory) to put in the boxes which won't cost us anything as she wants to help out. So all of our favours are costing £10.

    Hopefully we won't have too many left over!
  • I was thinking about making candles. Found for glass jars on eBay. Just thinking it's gonna cost too much and take too long.

    My wedding theme is butterflys so i could always make butterfly shaped gingerbread. Should take too long plus it's cheap. Wrap them in brown paper and tie with ribbon. If i made them on the Thursday would they still be ok on the Saturday?
  • Quoted:
    We're doing charity pins becuase most people will pin them on straight away and even if everyone left their favours we'd still have donated that money to our favourite charity and that's the most important thing really

    This is exactly what I am going to give. As me and husband 2 b have had close family affected by cancer.

    I'm going 2 buy the hope for a cure 1s, u can buy them in colours 2 match your theme, or by the type of cancer you are supporting .... They even do 1s that say survivor on them, I'm going 2 get 1 of they 1s for my sister x
  • MrsBatenowMrsBatenow Posts: 227
    My table decorations will double up as favours for the people that want them-which is usually beans and aunts!!! Been collecting vintage tea cups for the tables that my florist is filling with my choice of flowers and also have small bird cages from that I've filled with thorntons chocs. I've tied lace n ribbon on the top so they look really pretty on the tables and complement my vintage theme. Whoever wants favours can then take them away.
  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    The boys have got the polystyrene type places you put together as we figure itl be a minute of fun - like you say they dont go home...

    The ladies however have lipbalms (which i will gladly take home) and heart shaped mints just because it was good value moneywise and just a lil gesture

    I normally take them home if they fit in me bag image
  • I either use/eat them there if its a sweet treat or something like bubbles. Ive never had a favour to take away as such, as ones Ive been to have either been to eat, a scratch card or bubbles to use on the day. I wouldnt leave them though - I think its rude, when the wedding party has gone to the effort of thinking up and paying for something.
  • chick-basschick-bass Posts: 563
    The sweetie jars on each table went down at a wedding I recently attended, as did the scratch cards at another wedding!

    The only other favour I remember is a personalised wine glass charm, which I took, but never used.

    I hand made all the ladies little pin cushions (to fit with our hand made theme!)and out of 50, only 3 got left behind (which I thought was an absolute disgrace lol image )
  • Mine is a december/christmas wedding so I am giving mini christmas stockings which can be hung on peoples tress after the wedding with a candy cane and chocolate coins in.

    I would be really offended if anyone left anything behind!
  • MrsDiwellMrsDiwell Posts: 197
    Hi Ladies,

    I just wanted to share my gorgeous biscuit favours with you all. I had been really worried what they were going to look like, and i was so over the moon when i picked up the samples!

    Can't wait for our guests to be blown away by them too!

    Our theme is vintage, and the centrepieces are bird cages, hence the biscuits.

    I definitely think edible or drinkable is the way to go - although i just just get a lovely personalised scented candle from the last wedding i went to which was lovely image

    Laura xx
  • We are having a huge sweetie table with a mix of bought and home made biscuits and sweets, for that we get paperbags with little labels so people can take them home. Two birds with one stone.
  • At my H2Bs aunt's wedding in June we helped her put together little celophane bags of tablet. We definitely took these home with us, they were delicious and really useful for the long car journey back to London (from Glasgow!).

    Definitely I prefer the edible wedding favours, I love looking in my bag the next morning and seeing the favour and then tucking in, reminds me of the wedding and its sort of like the good times still roll image
  • Both of the weddings Ive been to have had edible favours - one was a box of sugared almonds and the other was a Thorntons Chocolate Bar with my name on... doubling up as place names.

    I think whatever you get, some people will leave it behind. Just make sure you dont spend too much!
  • mism1mism1 Posts: 307
    were doing scottish tablet homemade by my mum and im doing charity pins or scottish althzimers and great ormond street as these charity's mean something to each family
  • lozzie30lozzie30 Posts: 45

    I LOVE candles and I wanted lots of candles on the tables. So, I managed to find a company in the States that do tealight/votive holders that they've personalised for me, they are absolutely brilliant image

    To encourage people to light them, after the meal, I've also had some match books personalised which we're scattering on the tables (the ushers are also in charge of making sure that everyone lights their candles).

    I have to admit, it was fairly costly (especially as I didn't like the tealights they came with so splashed out on Black votice 10 hour candles!!) so I'm only giving the candles to the girls, the guys are getting a lottery ticket for that nights draw.

    Have fun choosing xx
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    We're having a sweety table in the evening for people to make their own but as this is in the evening don't want people to be wondering where their favour is so not sure what to do really... we're probably going to buy a few bits for the tables e.g. trivia boxes/ice breaker things. We're also spending approx a fiver on each child toys/craft sets/books etc. As we're only having a fairly basic drinks package we were considering having like a Mr & Mrs meets pub quiz, with the winning table getting a round of drinks as prizes, and that's something they can do as a table and get chatting over whilst waiting for the food to be served.

    In terms of memorable favours, I liked the lottery ticket at one wedding (don't know if I could do that myself I'd be jealous if someone won ha!), at another wedding they had homemade biscuits which were appreciated (the thing about weddings are you eat at strange times to normal and you drink a lot) so the biscuits were much appreciated whilst waiting for dinner to be served. I quite like the obligatory mini champage type bottles of bubbles tacky but fun, not sure how much they cost/if they're worth the cost though. The worst favour ever was sugared almonds - straight in the bin.
  • I've been to a lot of weddings and the only favours I remember were some cancer research charity pins as the bride's mum had recovered from breast cancer, and personliased love hearts (although that was only a fortnight ago so it may slip from my mind in time, lol!)

    I think favours do tend to get forgotten about unless it's something individual, people are drinking and socialising and wandering about and it's just not the main thing they're thinking about

    We're making a mix cd and each song will be dedicated to a guest or couple, we're only having a small wedding so it'll probably work out a double cd and I'm going to make the cases myself image

  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    The one wedding we weent to with favours it was little tins of loose tea for the ladies and miniture vodka / whisky for the gents. I took my tea but never used it and hubby left his alcohol as neither of these things were really something we would use but we thought it was a lovely idea.

    We did bags of assorted M&M's, the ones you can't get in the UK just the USA, and they went down well. Out of 64 favours we got back 6 (which included Hubbies and mine). We have since had comments that everyone enjoyed them which was a relief! They liked the fact it was a little bit different.
  • josax01josax01 Posts: 61
    Pens with bride and grooms names and the date went well - white pens for the girls, black pens for the guys. For some reason the disposable cameras did quite well too for a wedding i recently attended, I never really got that, in this modern era, people will take pics on their digital cam and give a CD to the bride or upload them to fb and the bride/groom will download them from there but for some reason people rlly liked them!

    Jo x
  • mini tinned candles that smelled of wedding cakes were the best i have seen - I didn't have any as always think most get left on the table......x

    candles came after my wedding otherwise I would have stolen that idea!

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