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Flowers in pumpkins for autumn wedding

I have set my heart of having pumpkins filled with flowers as my table centrepiece for my autumn wedding. I have been given three suggestions of the best way to do this - fill the scooped out pumpkin with soil and plants flowrs, fill them with water and cut flowers or fill them with florist foam and do a display within the pumpkins.

Has anyone used any of these ideas or have a view on which one would work best?


  • ChlobelleChlobelle Posts: 303
    Hi I used to work as a wedding planner in the uk and saw flowers done in pumpkins. They had been hollowed out and filled with floristry foam they looked fab.

    I think the other 2 options would be a problem for staff to move when changing your room around. One being too heavy and as pumpkins dont have a true flat bottom the water could spill if knocked.
  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100
    Sorry, cant help with advice, just wanted to say what a Fab idea!
  • Thank you - I think I need to wait til the pumpkins arrive and get practising!
  • I love this idea!! Would look amazing, just had a quick look on google, some great photos come up, brilliant!

  • That first picture is just what I want! And I am hoping to sit the pumpkin on a tree slice, to give it a real rustic feel. Thank you
  • As a wedding florist, we have arranged table centres in pumpkins and they look stunning, especially if you have lots of autumnal flowers and foliage and maybe add some orange and red fruits and twigs. Yummy!!!
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