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What to do?!....

MrsNixMrsNix Posts: 209
Hi all,

I'm fairly new here, just at the early planning stage really. We've found our venue but are a bit stuck at deciding what we actually want. We're going to have 120 guests, most of who are travelling 100 miles to come (Both our families live a way away!)We think therefore that it would be simpler to have all the guests there for a late afternoon ceremony then photos and a buffet for our evening meal. We cant let anyone travel all that way just for the evening and not the ceremony but we also can't afford to feed 120 people twice if that makes sense!

Does that sound like it would work do you think?! Need to decide before we actually book! imageimage


  • A later ceremony would be ok, could you do a 2pm ceremony, wedding breakfast at 4pm then maybe a small basic buffet at 8/9pm??
  • We're getting married at 4pm and having the sit down meal from 6 so we only have to feed people once image
  • I would have my ceremony at 4:30/5:00pm that takes 45 mins roughly, then photos, then buffet at 7pm? xxx
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    You need to check what the latest time the registrar will do weddings (call the office of the area you will be married in).

    There's another thread on here at the moment about just having an evening buffet, I think it's absolutely fine. Weddings are expensive and tough times at the moment.

    You could investigate different meals though instead of a normal buffet, and there may a way to do 2 meals within budget:

    - You could have a bbq or hog roast lunch/evening

    - Bowl food e.g. big bowls of chilli, lasagne etc

    - Afternoon tea (sandwiches, cakes and scones)

    - You could have a late wedding breakfast then have a "midnight supper" (but at like 10pm just to line the stomach against the alcohol) and serve something simple - our venue for example offers bacon sandwiches

    - Get creative - our venue charge £7pp for canapes (for the equivalent of 4 sausage rolls each!) so we told them we were going to have a wedding cake made of cheese as well as the normal one, they agreed, and we're now serving the cheese cake as canapes (12kgs of cheese, 5 tiers, chutney, butter, fruit decoration, crackers £240)

    - Again we told the venue we probably wouldn't have a traditional wedding cake, or would get a small one to cut, but would have cupcakes and other cakes. So in the evening we're only providing savoury buffet food and are having a cake table. We've bought some cake stands (some were expensive from Lakeland and Laura Ashley, got some from charity shops and got one given by a family member) and are going to have a kind of afternoon tea display (I compare it to the cake table at a garden fete). We're hoping to make some of the cakes ourselves.

    - Sweety buffet - can get jars in ikea and supermakets for a quid each

    - You could serve your wedding cake as dessert to save money.

    - Do you watch four weddings US on livingtv?! You could make your buffet a bit more extravagant by having some show cooking and different "stations" of food.
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    I'm doing this! Means me and H2B get married next year, rather than the year after. We're having a late ceremony then a buffet. We're having a substantial buffet though, not just finger foods as we wanted to feed everyone properly and we're having a selection of sweets to follow. Also having a chocolate fountain from 8pm-11pm.

    If the idea of a sit down meal isn't important to you then go for it. It's saved me and H2B £4000 by opting not to have one. image
  • My brother and his wife had their ceremony at 4pm, which was the latest they could get, photos and drinks, sit down meal at about 6.30pm and then didn't have to feed people twice image
  • MrsNixMrsNix Posts: 209
    Brilliant suggestions everyone, thanks!

    JoeyClare, when you say substantial buffet, do you mean like a hot fork buffet or something?

    lindsayu I love the idea of the afternoon tea display!Much cheaper than the dessert options that our venue are offering. This wedding lark is so expensive! image
  • A later ceremony is fine, if that's what you'd prefer. Me and H2B were in the same boat, we have about 130 guests. Ideally we'd have liked a really lovely fine dining menu for lunch, but it was soooo expensive. We're getting married at 1pm and having traditional fish and chips for lunch, then an ice cream van for dessert and hog roast baps served to line people's stomachs around 9ish. We saved loads by doing something a lot less formal, and who doesn't like fish and chips. It has meant we can have a full wedding day together too image
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