Entertainment Ideas Please

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Hi Peeps

We are having a small wedding in a small venue.There will be roughly 40 people all day.We are having a swing band during the day and a jukebox at night,a carictaturist in the evening and a close up magician during pics etc.I feel I need something else for the evening.Any ideas?


  • laura2988laura2988 Posts: 332
    Woah you have more than us!

    I went to a wedding where they had a drag queen though?!? Went down really well with our crowd - just depends on what your crowd is like as it's not to to everybody's taste!

    We stumbled across "paparazzi photographers" once, where you get a couple of photographers dressed in traditional paparazzi outfits, with red carpet and take pictures all night of your guests in true paparazzi style.

    Sounds like you have enough to me though - most people will be too busy with Beer and dancing to notice!
  • gemst84gemst84 Posts: 6,961
    That's the thing..the venue won't have a dance floor and because it's a jukebox I don't know if people will dance...I'm getting married in a tearoom. I was thinking casino but don't know if anyone would like it...
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    Sounds like you have plenty already but a quiz about you and your man/ love/ marriage can work well with smaller numbers
  • How about a photo booth with props as this will keep people entertained xx
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