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Essex Brides!!!!

Tell us your dates and venues!!!!




  • Venue Leez Priory Date January 4th 2012 image
  • Gilwell park 15th september 2012! image
  • Westwood Park 12th May 2012 image xx
  • 25th january 2013 the reid rooms image
  • The Fennes Estate October 19th 2012! x
  • The Lawn 9th September 2011! imageimage
  • Hi Monkey197,

    we are thinking about westwood park for our wedding - did you have to pay for venue hire and then marquee hire on top. Am just a bit stumped trying to figure it out from the website.

    Its soooooo lovely from the pictures! very excited!!
  • Spains Hall, 22nd June 2012 image

    Tigger - the Reid Rooms is only 2 minutes from our house! It's lovely isn't it? image
  • Parklands Quendon Hall - 3 days time! 8th September 2011 image
  • Gosfield Hall - May 18th 2012
  • MrsC2B4MrsC2B4 Posts: 143
    Maison Talbooth - 26th November 2011 image
  • Bb5Bb5 Posts: 275
    The Lawn 9th September 2011!

    lawn frieends image

  • Gaynes Park, 7th Sept 2012 image
  • Creeksea Place 21 July 2012
  • sorry cant be much help. we're on quite a small budget but i wanted somewhere beautiful so we're having the ceremony and drinks reception there and then evening reception somewhere else. the hire is £600 for the few hours we're there and then however much we spend on drink. we got the last weekend before they put the marquee up and you have to have the whole day there. glad someone else thinks its lovely too, most people have never heard of xx
  • Crondon Park 3rd November 2012
  • Crabbs barn, Kelvedon 30th june 2012
  • Woolston Manor 3rd June 2012 image
  • The Reid Rooms - 30th March 2013 which is Easter Saturday x image
  • St John's Church/Gaynes Park - 1st June 2013 image
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    The Old Rectory, 28th December 2012... We're booking tomorrow!!! image
  • Quoted:
    Spains Hall, 22nd June 2012 Tigger - the Reid Rooms is only 2 minutes from our house! It's lovely isn't it?

    yes i like it although am having a slight wobble as it wasnt the kind of venue i was looking for originally, but the price was so good and we had so much trouble finding a venue we could get my little girls wheelchair round. initially liked layer marney tower or heddingham castle really like the old buildings. Spains hall is also amazing, unfortunately couldnt get the wheelchair round very easily and the most important thing is a lovely relaxing day image
  • Crabbs Barn 23rd June 2012 image
  • Monkey Thanks for the info - we just confirmed our booking at Westwood park -8th June 2013!! Yey so excited! Just ages to wait now!
  • The Lawn, Rochford on 24th November 2012! So excited image xxx
  • Bb5Bb5 Posts: 275
    ^^ another lawn friend, we obv all have superb taste in venues. image
  • Crondon Park 18th December 2011 image
  • Chigwell Hall, 21st July 2012. Glad to see some local brides on here for the first time ever! We nearly went with Woolston Manor and I loved Gaynes Park but H2B didn't image I've been to weddings at Parklands and Fennes both were lovely xx
  • PotatoPotato Posts: 73
    Hooray Purplebride and sparkly december bride, I hadn't come across any other Crondon Park brides image

    I'm Crondon Park, 20th April 2012 image
  • The fennes Estate August 2012 image x
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