favours ideas girs.

I am stumped on favours. Want something original, preferably something people can eat. Don't want to spend a fortune - no more than £2.00 total per person. Am tearing my hair out trying to think of something. All the sites selling favours seem to sell the same old rubbish.


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    Just wondering where you are getting married? Is there something that the local area is famous for?

    We are getting married in the Lake district so are thinking about Grasmere Gingerbread or Kendal mint cake. I like that both are personal to the area.
  • We are doing our favours for next to nothing. We got some (brand new and wrapped) favour boxes from our local car boot. Someone was selling some that she didn't use at her own wedding - we got 75 boxes for £8!

    OH's Mum is going to make us peppermint creams (possibly in our wedding colours) and we are just popping them in the boxes. Simple.

    It's not costing us anything for the peppermint creams as she wants to make them for us, and it's also a really nice way of getting her involved.
  • What about mens though Im stuck for those? Have ladies sorted but not the gents aaargh I will keep searching.....
  • You could make homemade gingerbread men and decorate them as men and women and maybe write the name of the guest on it with your colours on.
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    We are having a cocktail theme, as h2b and I met in his cocktail bar.

    Our favours are a small martini glass with a pink umberella and a cake pop on a black stick that looks like a strirrer. All in all they are coming in at around £2.00 per person.

    For £2 pp I think you can get quite a lot. We looked at chocolate favours and found the personalised m and ms, and green and blacks stack of 3 were each less than £2. You could make your own as above posters have said. I've seen garden seeds, minature spirits, love hearts and personalised cups and saucers.

    If you are completely stuck and can't find anything that will fit in with the type of wedding you are having, bear in mind that you don't HAVE to have favours. There are plenty of brides on here that won't be providing their guests with favours x
  • Could you get a wrapped initial chocolate for each guest from anywhere, as I think this is a nice ideaimage
  • I have Yankee candles in "wedding day scent" with our personalised ribbon wrapped around them for Lady's.

    The Gents have now got aluminium mini bottles with personalised stickers on. The stickers have our monogram on and says Grey Goose vodka on it too and the date. Then I used the same personalised ribbon to loop around them. The ribbon has our names and wedding date on.

    Heres a pic to see -

    They cost less than 2.00 each and that includes filling the bottles too with Grey Goose vodka image
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    Kind of the same as shoe gal I got 70 favour boxes on a wedding forum sales page for £5 then my.mums making tablet (scottish sweetie).and pouring into heart shape ice cube trays.then were going to put a bit of glitter on it in the box.

    We are them attaching chairty pin badges onto them for altzhiemer Scotland which supporter my mum when my Gran was ill and great ormand street hospital were h2bs sister was looked after before she died when she was 6 and h2b was 3 we are marrying on the date.of her birth awo thought this was a nice jesture
  • a couple of ideas - We're doing lottery tickets for our guests inside a 'lucky in love?' special lottery ticket holder from ebay (card were about £20 for 75) with some lovehearts wrapped in personalised wrappers - the wrappers were £5 for 500! (buy the sweets seperately) I think we'll leave a few mini loveheart rolls in the wine glasses, then have the lottery ticket at each place setting.

    It's so easy to blow a load of cash on candles or other really thoughtful expensive things, but in my experience half the favours are left behind!!! At least with lottery tickets if people do leave them, you'll be quids in image

    Another thing I like the idea of is donating the money to cancer research/ another charity and just leaving the note that the charity will provide you with that says 'a donation has been made in your name to Help for Heroes' etc

    Don't panic though, you're spending A LOT of money for these people to be there, don't feel too pressured to spend further money on wow factor favours!!!

    More and more people are doing 'sweet tables' - (a pic and mix table) now instead of favours?

    Good luck x
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    I really like the lottery tickets idea! image
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    I do really like the lottery idea. But at the same time I think I'd be slightly annoyed if one of the guests won a large amount on a lottery ticket I bought image
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    We're having homemade jam and personalised lables from etsy.com

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    I LOVE th homemade jam idea (actually I quite like the Grey Goose idea... mmm).

    If I were doing favours, this is what I would do: homemade truffle chocolates (I have a recipe), rolled in something like blue icing sugar (I have never made this, but I assume drying out dyed icing sugar would work!). Then our theme is Oxford, so I would make mini mortar boards out of black cardboard and black cross-stitching thread to fit the truffles. If I really got excited I might make mini scrolls with people's names on them, but how this would attach I do not know!

    N.b. googling "Chocolate mortar board" got me this:

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    Im putting a mini pack of love hearts and a chocolate heart wrapped in foil that matches my colour scheme in each favour box for mine. Easy and cheap x
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