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Not sure if this is the right place to post this !! Anyways, we booked are hotel at the Ramada hotel few months ago for June 2013, was really happy with it and they told us all the changes that was to be made before we got married ect (not in writing tho) So we paid a £500 dep and we got on with the rest of the planning. Recived a letter to say the hotel has been taken over Mecure hotels. They look very much like premier inns lol and we really are not happy with this, All out contracts are with ramada. We have been told we cannot have our deposit back, Is this right? Just need a bit of advice really image Thanks


  • Oh no, how annoying for you! If Mercure have taken over the company, then I imagine they have taken over all contracts so it might be worth a call to Mercure Head Office or somewhere like that to see what the new situation is? You'll probably get more of an clear picture from them as the Ramada staff are probably still getting used to working from Mercure. With regard to your deposit though, there will probably be something in your contract saying whether or not your initial deposit is refundable if you (rather than the hotel) decide to cancel, so start with that.

    Fingers crossed it works out for you!
  • Can't you ask if anything to your contract will change ie prices and what you get for your money? If everything is the same then I don't see there being any problem with having it there if nothing is going to changeimage
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    My reception is being held in a 700 year old manor that's been turned into a hotel. It's also owned by mercure ( they bought it a few years ago) I have grown up and attended numerous functions at the hotel before and after it was bought by mercure and have found they have really made an effort to keep the place as close to its original runnings as possible. It's not commercialised and there's only hints of the mercure branding, the company have really kept the hotels originality.

    Im not exactly sure what your hotel is like now, but maybe this isnt as bad as you think? They are much nicer and of a much higher class than 'premier inn'. I think it depends on what the hotel is like before they buy it as to how much they commercialise it.

    Also not sure its mercure's doing or my hotels original staff but the food is Absolutly Devine!
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    We are in same boat mercure bought over the ramada we are having our wedding ... The hotel has assured us staff ... Way of working etc All goin to be same only thing they may do is freshen up with bit decorating ... I have stayed in couple mercure hotels before this big takeover And they r nothing like premier inns ..... !!!
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