DIY centerpieces advice/help needed please.

Hi, We are getting married next may and have a total of 9 tables, 2 centerpieces per table as they are long tables.

we have lit up goldfish bowles

We have tall vases with feathers

And finally the problem 6 centerpieces.

I have brought 6 tall wine glass style vase but as were not having flowers I would appreciate suggestions on how to decorate these with pearls, feathers and crystals and I would love them to kind of tumble over the edges.

I have spent hours online however cannot find anything to copy so your input would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks.


  • I know you said about pearls but how about filling with gel bead (really cheap off ebay) add an led light to glow through and some kind of cocktail decoraition could be unique and funky
  • wow thats a really great idea, I hadn't thought of that, any more ideas would be greatfully appreciated. xx
  • Not sure what sort of idea you are after but you could thread ribbon with beads (pearl beads if you wanted) and have them wound up the outside / tumbling over the top of the glasses. Thin wire also works well for a more contemporary feel xx
  • Primark often sell really cheap long 'pearl' necklaces (for about a £1). Fill the glass with crystals, let the pearl necklaces sit on top and spill out over the edge, scatter more crystals and bigger pearl beads around the base.

    There are some larger tea light candles available too, they burn for about 10 hours. You could fill the glasses with pearls, crystals to just below the rim then sit a large tea light on top.

    Feathers you could scatter around the base and along the tables if they are small ones.

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