Evening-same decorations as day?

sorry if this has been asked before, or is a silly question!

We're having 30 people at our ceremony and wedding breakfast, then 80 for our reception, and was wondering, do you have table centrepieces and chair covers for the evening the same as you would for the wedding breakfast?

My partner is thinking we won't need chair covers as people don't sit down like they would at a formal wedding breakfast, so likewise we wouldn't need the floral centrepieces for the evening either. However I'm worried the extra 50 evening guests will think we haven't bothered with flowers or decorations! image


  • I wold suggets mixing the day centre peices with a cheaper option such as balloons as you will probably be having extra tables. I donyt think you need chair covers for the evening.

    You could also add t-lights for soft lighting and scatter table gems or petals
  • Thank you-we are having chair covers for the ceremony and wedding breakfast, and for the wedding breakfast tables we have tall floral arrangements, tea lights and scatter crystals but weren't sure if you have to have everything for the reception aswell, with my partner saying you don't as reception is not as formal but I don't want people thinking we haven't bothered, or that it doesn't look pretty!
  • im goin to keep my chair covers on and mix them with chairs without, and put ballons on the tables without centrepieces
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