hi Ladies

I just wondered if anyone could help. I was originally looking at having an afternoon tea in a hotel for my reception, before the evening disco and late buffet. however recently i have been thinking that I want something a little more original. I have given my Fiance ideas like a picnic in the local park, a mobile pizza oven etc, but he's not interested. I want something original and a little bit different, but i know that that will be a bit difficult in a hotel. I know im rambling here!! basically i just wondered if anyone had some idea which would make my wedding a little bit different and stand out from the crowd. i'm having a very traditional church wedding (that's what i want) so it will have to be during the reception!!

lol i know i'm not making any sense here!!




  • Hi Rosie

    I like an original wedding! Whereabouts are you having your wedding? Have you arleady booked the hotel or are you still looking for a reception venue?

  • What about hiring sushi chefs, your guests will be fed and entertained at the same time
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    ladies thanks for your replies to my incoherent post! We've only booked the church so far, I love the idea of Sushi chefs!! Thanks deekel xx

    i've no idea what i want really but i'm sure something will fall into place! xxx
  • Actually I think an afternoon tea is quite original anyway - makes a change from the usual wedding breakfast thing, doesn't it?
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