Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire Venue Help!!!!!

Hi all.

We found our perfect venue and had stopped looking at anywhere else. We were meant to sign the contracts this weekend but got a call in the week to say the venue had decided to schedule their building work bang in the middle of our date. For personal reason's we aren't prepared to move the wedding back 6 months until after the works done.

So now we're back to square one again trying to find a new venue.

Suggestions would be ever so much appreciated in the Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire area!!

Please could somebody help us!!!!!!!!


  • We have chosen Tewin Bury Farm.......

    Love it there and the staff are great!
  • hi,

    we looked at Tewin Bury as one of our original options, but it was coming out around £11,000 and because we're looking at September/November we were slightly concerned with the fact that if it does rain you are confined to really just the one big room.
  • Yeh, that is a problem! We are getting married on August so are hoping for some nice weather!
  • We looked at Tewin as well, gorgeous venue.

    We've booked Fanham's Hall in Ware as we fell in love with it the second we walked in. Staff are fantastic, nothing is too much trouble and the grounds amazing.

    Where was your original venue?
  • Hello!!

    I'm getting married at the Priory Barn, near Hitchin. I'm from Herts & H2B is from Cambs so it was perfect image

    Some other suggestions are Hitchin Priory, Ware Priory, Letchworth Hall Hotel, Coltsfoot Hall, Offley Place, Brocket Hall, Blakemore House?

  • I am getting married at Tewin too, but its not costing anywhere near £11k. Its costing us about £6k uncluding ceremony and food and drinks. We are using Stables and sticking to minimum numbers for the meal and then having loads more for the evening.

    We looked at cheaper places and hotels but they didnt have the same kind of charm.

    Good luck at finding your new venue image
  • We are getting married at Offley Place in Hertfordshire it's a 17th Century Country House in Hitchin way.

    We looked at Fanhams Hall, which I loved and H2B hated! The only thing that put me off was they can hold 2 weddings a day and we wanted exclusive use. But it is stunning!! Grounds are amazing.
  • Clare!!! We might be staying at Offley on our wedding night!!! xx
  • Yay! image
  • Thanks for all the replies.

    We've got 80 day guest so would have to have used the biggest barn at Tewin Bury so the cost just spiralled out of control.

    I love love love Fanhams Hall but unfortunately 2 of my cousins have already got married there in the past few years so i dont really want to be the third.

    Clare_Jeffery- if you dont mind me asking how much is Offley Place costing you? I've looked on their website before but they only give you prices for the peak season May-September. Although i emailed them yesterday about pricing for October.
  • I'm getting married at South Farm in Hertfordshire. Absolutely beautiful and the food is apparently fantastic. It's not cheap but is exclusive use and if you are getting married in October the venue hire is cheaper. They also do weekday packages if you can consider Mon-Thurs.

    I didn't go to look at the venue but Madingley Hall is one to consider.

    Hotel Felix in Cambridge do various deals for Friday or winter weddings.
  • I think our wedding at Offley is costing around 9.5-10k for our February wedding.

    Ceremony & Venue hire is about £3,200 then food and drink on top.. I think October will be more expensive.. but I couldn't say how much.

    Oohh South Farm is sooooo amazing.. I agree about the food, that is the best food I have ever had at a wedding, was at a friends wedding at south farm
  • Hi

    I would try Manor Of Groves in Herts for your venue

    If your are needing chair covers or and center pieces i know i great company which do them form 80p i cam pm you if interested
  • Hi

    I would try Manor Of Groves in Herts for your venue

    If your are needing chair covers or and center pieces i know i great company which do them form 80p i cam pm you if interested
  • Hiya we live in Bishop's Stortford and we are getting married in Jan at Leez Priory about 30 mins away. The address is confusing as it says Chelmsford but it is more llike Felsted!!!! We have a great deal for the day..... have a look at their web page Country House Wedding...... Old Tudor mansion ........ With a tower where we are getting married image
  • Hi, we've chosen the banyer's/bayner's (sp?) in royston, Its beautiful, and perfect for what we're after. reasonable too, after offley quoted us £11k just for an evening reception!?!

    We loved south farm too, but it was already booked image

    and Tewin is beautiful, but my friend works there, and she says its too much like a conveyor (sp?) belt.
  • Yes Offley is expensive!!

    I agree about Tewin, no offence to anyone.. the barns are lovely.. but they can hold up to 4 weddings a day, 7 days a week! Which put me off, but it's such a popular venue and so many brides choose it for their wedding and say lots of good things.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We had our reception at the Sibson Inn which was stunning. Have been to weddings at the Bell at Stilton and the Mill at Quy which were both stunning. Some of my friends got married and had reception at King's college Cambridge
  • Thanks for all your comments, we've booked into to go see Offley Place and Anstey Hall.

    Emilie-d: I don't want to worry you but i feel you should know this if your having the most important day of your life at the Banyers. somebody close to me worked there until recently and after working there she said she would deter anybody from ever having an event there.

    Whilst she was there, the bar prices would be set at a reasonable price during the day but once it was clear people in the evening had had a few the owner tells the staff to increase the costs of drinks. Only one wedding couple noticed this and when they demanded an explanation the reply was 'we can do what we want'.

    Food would be dropped on to the floor and then put back onto plates and sent out to guests. The chef often didnt bother turning up in the morning so breakfast was never served but the owner refuses to ever give refunds so nobody ever got there money back.

    Bedrooms wouldn't be cleaned for up to a week, bed linen wouldn't be changed in between guests instead just straightened up to look like it hadn't been slept in.

    I just thought you should know, but saying all the above your day might go swimmingly and have no problems which i hope it does!
  • Oh let me know what you think of Offley! When you go.. when are you thinking of getting married?
  • LouLovesLouLoves Posts: 125
    We had our reception at the Sibson Inn which was stunning. Have been to weddings at the Bell at Stilton and the Mill at Quy which were both stunning. Some of my friends got married and had reception at King's college Cambridge

    Oooh we're having our reception at the Sibson too!! You're the first person I've found on here who's having it there image

    Did you get married on a Saturday or another day?
  • We looked at Anstey Hall lovely guy nice house but definitely lived in and could do with a bit of a clean. My friend got married there and was surprised that the family were wondering around on the day. I guess it's their home and they're treating it as such

    If you can see Longstowe Hall it's AMAZING and Mercedes is so helpful
  • We've been to the Sibson Inn for a wedding reception and it was lovely image
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Louloves we went for a Sunday, they were brilliant with putting together menus etc, we had several things not even on the menu choices and no more than the standard charge, two choices of starter two of main plus veggie and then 2 desserts. Did lovely evening buffet too and everyone was brilliant. If you want to know more then PM me.
  • Im getting married ar theobalds park mansion house. For 80 day guests its £8000. That includes 3 meal buffet, half bottle of wine pp, drink to toast, evening buffet, master of ceremonys etc.

    Includes exclusive use and suite for bride and groom on the night of the wedding.

    There are a few other bits but cannot remeber what they are..

    Thats the price for weekends, week days is cheaper..
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