centre piece / flowers confusion

So have got a florist lined up. He normally does massive tall centre pieces and when I first met him I liked that idea and he said would provide all the vases etc. However after honing my ideas and doing a bit of web research I have decided I like the natural/ rustic/ woodsy look with lots of little vases/ jam jars etc. So gonna try (!!) and get him to do that.

Would I be better giving him all the vases etc that I want to use. Do florists mind that? What do people normally do? I quite like the idea of giving my flowers to all the guests at the end so I wouldn't reall be able to do that if they were his would I?

I am confused image


  • I think most florists would let you use your vases.

    I rang around a few last week to get a idea of cost for the flowers i want and all of them said i would be able to providee vases if i wanted.

    Also i think giving them to your guests is a lovely idea.
  • I am providing my own vases. My florist even suggested the idea to cut our costs especially as we are now going to give the table centres as thank yous.

    If you don't ask, you don't get. It is your day and so your suppliers should do as you want.
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