The most fabulous flowers

Hi ladies,

I really am not sure what flowers to go for. I realise with just 6 months to go I am really late with this but I simply cannot make up my mind!!!! I want to have the most impressive flowers so when people go into my reception room, they think "Wow, this is the most luxurious wedding I have ever been to"

I know my dress will wow for sure, just because it is so beautiful and I will look amazing because my make up lady is fantastic! But I'm just concerned about the flowers now..

Any suggestions ladies? Flowers to really WOW the crowds..?


  • Lots and lots of flowers - no foliage. Lots of roses?
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    Florists have repeatedly told me that most people got to them with 3 or 4 months to go and no idea what they want, so you're actually early!

    I think it would be very hard for people to think its the most luxurious wedding ever. I would probably go, expensive, to produce that effect. Lilies or Irises, all in one colour, probably white, ALL OVER THE PLACE. Line the aisle and make an arch with them. That would say wow. And cost £1kkks.
  • That's exactly what I want! Something really expensive!!!! Because people always notice that don't they?

    Daddy can afford it you see.. for his little princess!
  • What a lovely idea! an ice flower with a diamond...

    You laides are so helpful! I only came on asking for floral advice and now I will have to change my favour idea. We were going to have personalized crystal champagne flutes for everybody but this will be much better!

    Thank you so much everybody!!!
  • Check out these guys - we went to visit them in London - they do some amazing stuff and a lot of the spreads in Bridal magazines use them. Didn't find their customer service fab though - probably cause we didn't want to spend less than £5k on our flowers! image

    Also, Rob Van Helden, the ULTIMATE flower guy - famous for being the florist to Elton John. I enquired about some topiary trees from him. Looked AMAZING - not seen any others like them. £800 a piece...maybe not! Maybe for you though image

    We are using Emma Lappin - very happy with her! image
  • I meant to say we DIDN'T want to spend £5k on flowers - big typo, oops! image
  • i Love flowers.

    And I think the more the better.. I would also say, one colour would stand out more, like all white!

    We are having all white flowers..

    And you want lots and lots and lots of fresh rose petals lining the aisle.
  • I love lily of the valley. So pretty, but very pricey! Although if money is no object, then go for it!

    I've decided to not have any 'flowers' as such. We are having wheat! May try to find some fresh wild flowers but I'm all about the rustic feel!
  • I went to see Emma Lappin and talked through my ideas but she never even bothered to get back to me with a quote so I was really disappointed with her. Oh well, found an AMAZING florist in the end who knows exactly what I want even before I do! image
  • MrsBtoMrsB - wow I'm so surprised, Emma Lappin was fantastic with us, she sent us a quote document and also a proper proposal with pictures of everything we had discussed and recommendations within a couple of days of us meeting. Perhaps it would have been worth giving her a call just to check she had your email address correct.

    Sounds like you are sorted now though anyway! image
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