Marquees and Council property

I know it seems a bit bizarre but there is a local field where myself, my friends and hubby to be grew up around, It has nothing surrounding it other than a couple of houses, including my own, and I would really like to have my wedding reception on there with a giant Marquee.

Has anyone done something similar? I dont really know who to ask, or what to do? image


  • You would definitely need permission from who owns the field. Land registry may be able to help with this. plus as well as a marquee hire, you would need to hire toilets, generators for electricity, food catering tent , chairs, table, cutlery etc. Would need to think about How you get water for catering??

    You would also need to get public liability insurance and would also need an alcohol licence if you were selling drinks but this may be something that the catering or bar company could sort out with your local council.

    Also if the marquee is set up a few days in advance then you would also need to think about security etc if the field has public access.
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