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DJ or Ipod?

I was looking to book a DJ for my Wedding next year but have recently seen a lot of deciding to use an Ipod instead.

I am not sure if it would be a bit weird without a DJ. Will people dance?

What is your preference DJ or Ipod?


  • I was intending to go for the iPod option to cut costs, asking our guests to request a song to add to our playlist when they RSVP.

    I've heard people say this works quite well, although you would need to be careful about songs that fade out or stop. You may experience periods of silence.

    I think if your venue has an ok sound system to hook the iPod up to it would sound good and people would definitely still dance. Might be an idea though to ask a responsible member of the wedding party to be in charge of the iPod, in case it cuts off and to adjust the volume if needed (some songs will be louder than others on an iPod).

    Not sure if we're going for this option now as h2b has expressed that he really wants a DJ. Have told him that if he can adjust the budget to fit it in (I've tried and failed!) and can find one at good value then I'm all for it, but I'm also absolutely fine with going the iPod route if we need to.

    Katy xx
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    Personally, I prefer the DJ route. I'd rather not be worrying about playlists and the iPod working etc.
  • I personally prefer the DJ option for that bit of banter that will get the guests up and dancing, introduce you to the floor for your first dance, announce the last dance of the night so then the music doesn't just stop etc etc. A good DJ can read a crowd and will be able to tell what songs are working and which aren't. You can't ignore a DJ calling you up to dance, people can ignore an iPod. Sorry. image
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    DJ all the way!

    If you get a good DJ, they will make your evening. When putting an IPod playlist together, whoever does it, will have an input of some may be some "genre" of music. With a DJ, guests have an input, unless you ask guests to put their favourite song on their RSVP and then you can include everyone.
  • Same as Katyann, we were going to use an iPod and we were very happy with that idea. Now h2b pipes up saying he definitely wants a DJ. He never dances or even stays in the room anyway because the music's too loud, the last wedding we went to, he was sat outside chilling chatting to people and getting to know them. But apparently we need one.

    If he can find the space in the budget (there isn't one) then he can have one.
  • I would definitely say a DJ if cost doesn't matter. I went to a wedding where they had a juke box instead (so same idea as an ipod,) and it didn't work at all. People kept hi-jacking it and choosing their own songs, there are quiet patches between songs so everybody leaves the dancefloor and if some songs aren't working it's hard to change it.

    The DJ will be able to react to the mood in the room, what works and what doesn't, and its their job to keep people dancing all night! image
  • Iv just been having this same discussion on "another popular bridal forum" lol

    Results were the same, very mixed. I cant decide what to do either, for one thing the budget is very tight, but the main reason is that im just not sure that there is room for one! Our reception room is tiny with only 42 adults including ourselves and our 2 small children. I just see if as more of a candlelit dinner party with out nearest and dearest but at the same time i think well once it gets to....9pm maybe, will people be bored without a DJ ? x
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    ipod, well laptop, if it does getting quiet i'm goig to ask partners little brother to keep an ear out and jump in but i'm going all out of the cheesey dance stuff so a playlist should be fine. it's not going to be a random mix but instead be very structured and work towards the times of the evening people are going to be drinking hard and wanting to party harder, it also means i can work out any early off cuts and fade outs which will break the flow, im sure itunes has a fade function where itl automatically fade in and out between songs without a pause. if in any doubt get a dj but make sure he's good and well recommended cause the worst thing that can happen will be a dj doing the only dancing! image
  • I am having a band who will play for about 2 hours during the reception. The rest of the time I am hoping to use an ipod playlist that I have put together. I think i will also ask guests to choose a song with their rsvp so they can have some input. Not a big fan of cheesy wedding music (will be playing mostly current chart & dance stuff) & both a DJ and band will overpower the room i think, in my case. Still a bit worried about the music starting and stopping though...
  • I'd rather have a DJ, as not only you haven't got to worry about things now working or breaking, there's the gap of silence between songs!

    a DJ can see what people are dancing to and keep with that style, and also who is going to announce your first/last dance and things like that etc
  • Ipod all the way. For the opposite reason most people are saying here-I really don't think wedding DJs do a good job of 'reading the crowd'. It's always the same stuff 'Black eyed Peas-I got a feeling' to get the crowd going followed by the inevitable 'Northern Soul' Half an hour and Abba 'Dancing Queen!

    We want it to be eclectic-Dizzie Rascal following Tina Turner, the odd 50's rock 'n' roll number...squished between 90s rave. Trying to convey this to a dj will do my nut!

    *On another note...I think I have found my mini bridezilla in this subject, soooooo worked up...going to go get a glass of wine to calm down!
  • PS-I have a very loud secondary school teacher friend to announce the first/last dance!
  • We are very very fussy with our music.

    and are compiling a list of ALL the songs we want played, and all the other that are NOT to be played at all! There will be no Abba ughuguhug image

    Just want someone to contact it and set it all up, and for us not to worry about it. I don't want us or any of our guests having to worry about setting up or doing anything.

    All depends on your DJ though, as I have seen some really bad ones.. but luckily I know our DJ and know his style really well, and it suits us perfect
  • Quoted:
    I'd rather have a DJ, as not only you haven't got to worry about things now working or breaking, there's the gap of silence between songs!

    a DJ can see what people are dancing to and keep with that style, and also who is going to announce your first/last dance and things like that etc

    We used an Ipod and did not have gap in between the songs as you can use a program to prevent this. We choose the playlist carefully and then listened to it seeing how it made us feel i.e on the dancefloor or walking off it. Our guests never stopped dancing. We did it in batches ...a series of 70s disco and then later some for the younger generation.

    I've seen plenty of weddings where everyone leaves the dancefloor and the DJ just whittles on. I have also found a few great songs are played and then a duff one and I couldn't bear the thought of all those cheesey comments. So no way was I having a DJ

    We got extra speakers and a lighting system linked in and put the laptop in a place where no one could meddle. It saved about £300 and alot of cringing. I have never heard of anyone who has regretted using an iPod where the playlist is carefully selected.
  • I think the ipod would be a much better idea than hiring a DJ, just download all your songs and create a playlist for it ten just let it play the whole time of your reception.

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  • If any of you lovely ladies decides to take neither route and go for a singer, I'm soon to be starting my own business as a wedding singer. Obviously, as I'm just starting out, the rates will be VERY cheap. I can sing any style and would happily work with you to design a whole playlist based on your personal tastes. I hope to hear from some of you!

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