Fish Bowl Centre pieces

does anyone know where i can get some fish bowls from??? had thought of au naturale but the one by me has closed down!!!!

any ideas would be appreciated.


  • I saw some in Sainsburys the other day for £5.99

  • thanks MrsAndrews2b thats great. x
  • Oh and the other place I've seen them recently is The Range, not sure if you have one of these near you? It may be worth you asking local florists though, I was going to buy some but spoke to a florist today who hires out the really big ones for £2 each! bargain!
  • do you have a cheap pet shop near you? there may be some in there and they could order so many in for you, might even be able to strick a deal or discount, or even try ebay?

  • good ideas girls thanks. i had thought of mentioning to florist actually but wasnt sure if they would charge lots.

    oooh yes a proper fish bowl - could even put fish in them lol image
  • I thought exactly the same about how much florists would charge so was very suprised, the assistant actually double checked cos she didn't realise they were so cheap! he he

  • great hope i have the same luck. whens your wedding?
  • 4th July 2009, so I'm very organised (or premature!) talking to florists about fishbowls already! What about you hun?
  • 7 august 2009 so organisd too!! trying to organise bits every couple of months so that im not stressed out at the last minute!!!!

    plus once xmas has bn and gone it'll fly by image

  • We had these at our wedding and florist supplied them. Just had to give her cheque to cover £20 each in case of any breakages (which luckily they weren't). Think about £8 for complete centrepiece which I think was quite good.

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  • thats not bad £8! I got quote yday of £15 which i didnt think was too bad but saying that by time you have 1 on each table thats gona be around the £100 mark. not a loada money but on top of everything else.....

    think ill spk to a few florists and see what they say.


  • WOW they look fabulous!! and for £8 thats great.

    thats the type of thing im wanting. they looks gorgeous.

    The florist who quoted me £15 was at a big wedding fair so reckon local florists will be cheaper and probs just as good.

  • Try instore, they had lovely ones for £4.99 each. We are just having candles and mirrors but I think the bowls sound like a lovely idea.

    luv M xxx
  • thanks. im thinking of candles and mirrors for the evening tables. i love candles! x
  • bridiebirdbridiebird Posts: 1,385
    HI there,

    Try They have a nearly new section (look under forum and real life). That is where I am selling mine.

    Also try

    Good luck. x
  • Good Morning ladies,

    I bought my fish bowls in the end from Sainsburys because the florist was going to charge me £2.50 for the hire of each bowl then extra for any breakages. I managed to get my bowls for £4.50 from Sainburys when they had there homeware sale on which they do quite often. But at least i can give the bowls away in teh evening as gifts to the guests and the flowers wont go to waste.

  • check the local florist my local florist was closing down and i asked her for the following

    10 large heavy fish bowls

    10 large mirrors

    40 medium candles

    medium holder for my flowers

    got all for £192.00

    i am having a mirror

    fishbowl on top

    8 small glass candle holders for tealight (using yankee wedding day i love this candel the room will have a lovelt smell

    then four medium glass holders on teh table with medium candles with ribbon at the bottom (a candle between each couple at the table)

    i am pricing at the moment for flowers inside the bowl will all depend on the price what flower i have

    at least after the wedding i can sell the bowl and tealight holders and medium glass candle holders
  • Hiya ... try these websites ... I have another one which I think is quite good but I can't find it at the moment, i've got it saved in my favourites on my home comp...

    Good luck .x.x.
  • Mrs. Burbage, they look great, absolutely beautiful!

    Please tell me, what is in the bottom of the vase, it's not water?
  • The bottom has gel and silver glitter. The flowers are a single ivory rose with fountain grass and china grass swirls. Everybody loved them and was really pleased with them. Thanks for your lovely comments.
  • The bottom has gel and silver glitter. The flowers are a single ivory rose with fountain grass and china grass swirls. Everybody loved them and was really pleased with them. Thanks for your lovely comments.
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