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Bartholomew Barn

Hi there,

Are there any Bartholomew Barn brides out there? We are just about to book 22 June 2013 image



  • MrsWtobe1MrsWtobe1 Posts: 189
    I so nearly was. They didn't have a civil ceremony licence when I looked and just we couldnt risk it not being approved. They have just got their licence I see from facebook the other day.

    Fab venue we went for Grittenham barn in the end as there was just a bit more room.

    Have a great time planning it all.
  • I will be a Bartholomew Barn bride on 1st September this year! We are having our ceremony at the church in Kirdford.

    Have you booked yet? I would love to know what other people are planning to do with decorations, etc. It is such a fab venue I can't wait!

  • Hi Steph,

    Great to hear from another Bartholomew Barn bride! Yes all booked for 22 June 2013. Its so far away that I dont feel right getting excited about things yet but I cant help it!

    We were considering having the church in Kirdford but have now decided to stay local instead and make the journey up there inbetween the church and venue (not sure if this is a wise choice but hey ho!). It is such a beautiful church!

    I am not sure about decorations because I think it is such a beautiful barn by itself anyway. We did think about trying to put fairy lights around the beams because I think the first beam has lights round from a previous wedding but i'm not sure the others did? Have you seen Fitzleroi barn? I kind of want to make Bartholomew Barn look like the inside of that with the fairy lights! What are you thinking?

    Laura x
  • Hi Laura,

    We booked about 18 months in advance so I would definitely start getting excited!

    Kirdford isn't our local church (we're in Petworth) but never mind!

    I haven't been to Fitzelroi but I saw the pictures so I think I know what you mean, fairy lights would look really pretty. I know there is fairy lights outdoors in the courtyard and Frances will light candles in the barn so we will probably leave it at that, with the flower table centrepieces etc. I think it is such a great venue it doesn't need a lot doing to it. When I visited it though, it was all set up for another wedding with loads of decorations, on one hand it was a bit OTT but it made me panic that we arent doing much!

    Steph x
  • Congrats on Booking Batholomew Barn. I've shot weddings at many different venues across Sussex and this is my far one of my favorite. The venue owner is just lovely and can't do enough to help you on the day and the whole place just feels so magical.... The old romantic is coming out in me nowimage.. you're going to defiantly have a superb day.

    Below is an edit of a wedding I shot there last year.. image

  • Hi Steph, can I ask what are you doing for your accomodation? I really wanted to get everyone to nearby hotel so we could all have breakfast together or something but everywhere seems so expensive or just 2 bed B&B's? Where are you staying? Laura x
  • I attended a wedding at Bartholomew Barn and Love Lane Vintage were the stylists who filled the barn with vintage plates, cups, cake stands and it looked amazing, etc - bunting sweets, - the whole vintage look , really sweet it was - but it rained all day!! had it not the courtyard would have been a real winner.

    here are some of the pictures
  • We are getting married there in May 2013 and having the same problem with accommodation - have you checked out The Swan in Fittleworth? That has a number of rooms but isn't cheap. They are already booked up the Friday before our wedding though and not sure I want the hassle of moving from one place to another.
  • Hi FutureHelsBells,

    Yay I love finding another B.Barn bride!

    Yes I think we are going to probably go for The Swan. They are asking for 50% deposit though to book all rooms for the 10% discount which I think is a bit pricey! I sent a frantic email to my friends saying I dont know where you are all going to stay because its all expensive and I think they gathered I was feeling a bit stressed so they are now going to have a look around for me and might try and find somewhere cheaper but then come join us for Breakfast at the Swan? Our church is about 40 minutes away but we are driving up after the church (a pain for the guests but I think it will be quite nice having that time just me and him!).

    How is the rest of the planning going? I always thought it would be a fun experience but I just find it so stressful!!!

    Laura x

  • Just seen that you replied to this ages ago but it never notified me! 

    Great to have someone else to talk to who is having the same venue. 

    I bought my wedding dress on Friday and we have sorted caterer, photographer and entertainment (my Dad is in a band and then just going to have an ipod I think) so getting there!

    How are you getting on? Next task on my list is florist so going to see a few next Saturday. 

    Still on the search for a photobooth too...

    Be great to hear your plans 

    Sorry for the late reply! Helen x

  • Hi Ladies,

    My partner and I are looking to get married at Bartholomew Barn also, I was just wondering what you had decided to do about accomodation? my partners family all live in Wales, and Mine are abroad or would have to travel from Worcester, so we need lots of accomadation. I love the idea of staying at the Swan and all having breakfast the following morning, but I know some people would balk at the cost of the rooms. I thought about perhaps sudusiding them a little, but it will depend on how we do with the budget.

    I think theres a travelodge in Billingshurst, but its not quite the same image

  • Hiya, when are you getting married? We decided against the swan in the end as it was booked out on the fri night and agree it is so expensive. Loads of people are staying at the travelodge just to keep costs down and we are staying at the halfway bridge inn as I wanted to stay somewhere nice! Thinking about doing a bbq at the boy's parents the next day though for people who are around instead of breakfast

  • Not til 2014, so plenty of time to sort things out. We went to a friends wedding earlier in the year and everyone stayed at a hotel about 20 min away from the venue and they hired a load of small coaches to take us, I had wanted to do similar, but dont fancy the travel lodge for my wedding night image

    We have a really nice country pub near us though, that does gorgeous roasts, so I might perhaps do similar to you and then get all the family together for a sundat lunch. My brother lives in Hong Kong with his family, and my parents in France, so its so rare for us all to be together, Id like to spend a bit of time with everyone.

    Are you all organised for yours now? image


  • Ahh plenty of time in that case, let me know if you have any questions as you progress with your planning! We are getting there - caterer, dress, Florida, entertainment etc sorted, now just getting the other little bits sorted out. Bridesmaid dress shopping in December. With less than 6 months to go now its starting to get exciting! Xx
  • Who are you using for caterers? I'm thinking of good taste caterers, I got a few quotes and they seemed really reasonable
  • Same, we're going with good taste - they have been really helpful so far and we had lots of recommendations. I would secure them as quickly as you can as I know they are popular!
  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    Can you use any caterer for Bartholomew?

  • Yes you can, they have a list of ones that they recommend, but you can do what you want, you can even do your own if you want! 

  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    Thank you Trouble and Strife! You always seem to be able to answer my questions! Thank you for the recommendation of Good Taste Caterers as well as they seem really reasonable!

  • We got married in May and they were great, 100% recommend them!

  • We had out wedding at Bartholomew Barn and it was one of the most perfect places to celebrate it. Organising a wedding from Australia is particularly difficult but owner Frances was always on hand by email and phone to assist with plans and recommendations of her trusted suppliers for catering, flowers etc.

    The venue is in a secluded area in Kirdford where you are a world away from life and you truly have the guests to yourselves.

    The barn is the perfect size for a small to medium sized wedding (we had 60 people) and the courtyard is in full bloom during spring and summer. Our day progressed with no problems and Frances stuck her head in a few times to check whether she could do anything to make things better - but all was perfect.


  • V JV J Posts: 2

    We've booked it for July, and still trying to get things organised. Does anyone who's been married there have some advice for how the music and/ or band gets sorted out please and how best to arrnage it/ them ?

    I know theres a sound system which you can use an ipod on, but bit worried it wont flow properly and something will go wrong - any advice would be great on how the day went with the music!

    Thanks so much

  • Hi all! I'm getting married at Bartholomew Barn on the 5th September this year. Just wondered i you ladies have any tips? we are staying at the roundabout hotel



  • Louise145Louise145 Posts: 1



    I am a Bartholomew Bride getting married in 2016 -  starting to get very excited!


    Would really, really appreciate any advise you can give me, if you have been there and done it!

    Can anyone recommend me


    A good photographer – max budget £1500

    A live band – maximum budget £1000

    Where to get ready before the wedding and where to stay on my wedding night?

    Also- do you think there are enough loo’s  -  with 2 for 80 people? Did you hire a loo block?


    Any advise really gratefully received x

  • We have just booked this venue for August 2018. Any advice or tips would be fantastic. 

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