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a little bit gutted....


went to see the ONE yesterday, the most beautiful venue for our wedding next year and we both LOVE it so much, nothing else will compare...

only problem is they have sent us a quote for our chosen date in june and its over 9,000 and we can only stretch to 6 or 7,000 max.

this includes hall hire, drinks on arrival, wedding breakfast, drinks during wedding breakfast(who knew drinks could be so expensive - 9pounds for a glass of champagne to toast-i dont think so) also includes dj and evening buffet.

I know this quote is with everything included and she did say she would quote us the top price, but we just can't see how by taking a few bits off and replacing things like the drinks on entry with cheaper drinks it will make much difference image

Has anyone managed to get a quote down by a few grand image lol we are worried that becuase we are booking a while in advance they can charge what they like. image

just need some tips on how to get the quote down if anyone has any image

thankyou xx


  • How many people is that for?

    At £9 a glass of Champagne for 80 people, saves you £720 just by cutting out the toast drink. (Which isn't the end of the world if you have wine on the tables.)

    Evening buffets can typically cost £15-£20 per person and most of them have loads left over. Can you change to bacon rolls instead? That could be another £800 saving (based on 80) which your guests won't really notice. Tell your venue what your bottom line is, and they might be able to help you out.

    Is it a very popular place?
  • SarahLGSarahLG Posts: 313 New bride
    What about switching the champagne toasts for sparkling wine?

    In my experience a buffet usually gets wasted, so we are having bacon butties and chip butties instead which works out cheaper. Also if you are getting married at say 2pm then you won't really need much food in the evening as everyone will have eaten plenty at the wedding breakfast image

    Also switching your drinks on arrival to Pimms or fruit punch instead of champagne will cut the costs down, as well as serving your wedding cake as dessert with some fruit.

    You said that she did quite you the top price, so maybe try a bit of haggling. Tell her that your max price is £6k and see if you can work it out from there.
  • thanks for your replies image

    she did say that we can have bacon baps for the evening which i think is definitely a better option, aslo the drinks on arrival was pims so might look for a slightly cheaper option and maybe sparkling wine is a good idea too.

    See we live in an area where there are around 6 or 7 stately homes/manor houses for weddings, do you think this might help us get the price down image and i dont know whether to lie and say another venue has offered us its for cheaper image

  • ahhh email sent to the wedding coordinater at the hotel. I'm a little bit nervous but fingers crossed she can do something for us. Watched 'don't tell the bride' a few weeks back and the guy managed to get their venue down from 12k to 4k imageimageimage -slightly different case though as they are so last minute but just shows how much profit these places make imageimage

    fingers crossed x
  • How far in advance are you booking? When we went to ours they had a last minute (ish) offer of 50% off for March 2012 - that was too soon for us, so we asked if they would honour it for 2013 and they said yes.

    Otherwise, I think the other ladies are right - look at what exactly you're getting for your money. We found that by switching our toast drink from champagne to prosecco, we'll save £700+!
  • Good luck Dizzy!
  • Hi

    Don't know if this is something you would consider but we shaved a lot off our cost by having an afternoon tea rather than a 3 course sit down meal.

    It's costing £12.95 a head for day guests as opposed to £35 a head.

    Might be worth considering if you can do something similar, or even if you can change your menu. Maybe just do 2 courses and use your cake for desert.

    We negotiated quite a bit with our venue - saved a fair bit overall.

    Good luck image
  • Could you have your ceremony later in the day and only feed people once rather than sit down meal & buffet?
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    any news yet, am eager to see if you have managed to beat the money fiddlers, hope its going wellimage
  • YAYW wouldnt let me log in for a couple of days image

    so we've had an email taking it down to 7,800 for the day if we went for a bbq and 6800 if we went for a sunday. We noticed on their site that if you book a week day wedding it is only 4k for everything including sit down 3 course meal image such a difference image

    we are looking into having a week day wedding maybe on a thirday if it is this much cheaper. Anyone else having a week day wedding image

  • I've booked a Monday as I can save on everything lol loads of places offer midweek discount and at you still get the end result being married image xx
  • Do they count Friday as a weekday wedding? That would be the best as people don't have work the next day! image
  • Quoted:
    Do they count Friday as a weekday wedding? That would be the best as people don't have work the next day!

    unfortunately not image would be perfect though image

    still have a lot to think about but am definitely warming to the idea. Also looking at public holidays which could work out a bit better for those who might struggle getting the time off image
  • lindsayulindsayu Posts: 1,939
    I know it's doesn't seem fair but they need to make their money at peak times, it's the same as holiday companies charging more in school holidays.

    We're having a Friday weekend, although we didn't save loads and loads, it came to about £500 worth of saving but the venue are being a lot more flexible on things that they usually wouldn't shift on. We're getting married at 4pm and not having a sit down meal - that's saving us about £3k. Originally we were getting married at 1pm and it was coming to about £10k so we've got it to a more comfortable place financially.

    I would also say consider getting rid of the wine on the tables and just having the bar open - the last wedding I went to my friend paid for 2 glasses of wine per person. So, the waiting staff only came round twice. However on our table only half the people were drinking wine (either not wine drinkers, or not drinking etc), so what happened to all the extra wine she paid for?!!

    For your evening buffet look at catering for 75-80% of evening guests - our venue actually recommends this as so much gets wasted.
  • hey did you ever think of having a hot buffet as your sit down meal it may cost alot let as with buffets you never order for the right amount of people you take about 20 heads of so that could save you a bit and then have a little cold buffet later on thats what we are doing x
  • We're having a weekday wedding ... we've gone for a Thursday.

    It doesnt just make the venue cheaper - we are getting discounts on the photographer, videographer and hopefully other suppliers too. I'm all for weekday weddings!

    People have already suggested a lot of ways of making things cheaper.... but these are what we discussed with our venue:

    - 4 instead of 5 bottles of wine on tables (just under half a bottle of wine each, when usually it is half a bottle). Saves us £160.

    - 1 reception drink rather than 2 (saves about £400)

    - 2 course meal - savings depend on prices of venue, but could save us about £700.

    - Using wedding cake instead of dessert (also could save about £700)

    Also, think of where you may be able to make savings elsewhere. How much can you DIY? What friends do you have that can help you out with their skills?

    We felt that the venue was such a huge part of our day, we couldn't not have it. The whole theme is now based around our venue and I know we made the right choice spending a bit more than we planned!
  • Get an outside caterer in. We've got a Victorian style specialist baked potato caterer coming in for the evening reception - costs have gone down from £12 per head to just £4.50. It looks fantastic as well as we went to a wedding last summer where the same firm were catering. Can't remember the name off the top of my head though!!...Juicy something????....sorry, little vague!
  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580
    we're really lucky our venue is nearly half the price on a Friday or Sunday so we've gone for a Friday we've also cut the drink on arrival as noone in our family really drink so having soft drinks then wine with our meal and fizzy wine with toast. also the evening buffet will be about £1,500+ so we're leaving that til last to see what we can stretch to unless they'll do bacon butties as im loving that idea
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