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Alternative wedding cake flavours?

Ok so me and the other half aren't a huge fan of fruit cake, or chocolate cake.

Thinking maybe one tier lemon cake and one tier rum cake.

What other flavours/cakes can people recommend? xxx


  • Banana or carrot??

  • Why not do cupcakes or brownies or something?

    That way you'd have a good mix of flavours to keep everybody happy image
  • SarahLGSarahLG Posts: 313 New bride
    I'm having fruit cake for the top two tiers then the rest cupcakes. I'm going to do a peach infused cupcake to go with the peaches and cream theme image
  • I'm making a chocolate mud cake, lemon and victoria sponge.

  • Marble cake - I just like the look of it- although it does have chocolate in! I like the idea of lemon cake or a victoria sponge?
  • We are having,

    Chocolate cake with chocolate orange ganache

    Lemon cake with white chocolate ganache

    Victoria with butter cream and jam

    Toffee cake with toffee fudge buttercream

    We were going to have a layer of fruit but then we tried the toffee and it is out of this world so we ditched it and went with this. Think we will have the smallest layer in this though because our desert from out wedding breakfast is toffee fudge cake
  • We are having Carrot cake, vicotoria sponge with strawberry and champagne, lemon drizzle, fruit cake, and chocolate cake with a rocky road ganache...yum!
  • NicH2B12NicH2B12 Posts: 164
    We're having a 4 tier cake with bottom 2 tiers fruit cake, the 2nd tier carrot and top tier is lemon drissle. Makes me wanna eat it all. xxx
  • MrsBoz2BMrsBoz2B Posts: 126
    We're having bottom tier fruit, middle tier vanilla and top tier lemon image
  • A nice sticky ginger cake?

    Cherry or coconut (or even cherry and coconut)?

  • SarahLGSarahLG Posts: 313 New bride
    Although I think I may have to experiment with strawberry & champagne flavour too now!
  • jefnurjefnur Posts: 359
    We're having 4 tiers so


    Red Velvet

    Vanilla sponge

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