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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone had or is having there reception in a pub? I am hoping to hire a gorgeous pub on the River Thames that would be perfect and would just like to hear from other brides that have done this.

I still want the sit down meal and speeches etc but in a much more relaxed setting. I want a big night down the pub with my closest friends and family but still glitzy and memorable.

I've got my fingers crossed that the pub I want will be suitable, we're on a budget and so I'm hoping there's no sky high hire charge or anything.

Going for a drink there on Saturday after the wedding fair and will speak to the management then. If not then I will look for another one somewhere.

Also there will about 10 kids there, how do I entertain them in a pub?



  • The best wedding reception I ever went to was held in a pub.

    It was a converted Victorian lodge in an amazing country park setting. Honestly, it was beautiful, like being in a different world. It was a spring wedding. The bride had used lots of flowers and natural foliage for decoration which complimented the room perfectly

    The sit down meal was served at small round tables (4 or 5 guests to a table). Nothing fancy, just good, plain home cooking. Afterwards, we opened the big windows and danced on the lawn outside. It was the most fantastic day and one still talked about nearly 20 years later.

    I think if you're looking for a special, intimate but relaxed day, you can't go far wrong with a decent pub.

    Good luck with your venue x
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