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Favour wise, I'm thinking mini whiskies for the blokes, but can't think of something for the ladies? Mini wine bottles?! Any ideas?!

Plus as an extra favour, I want to get the ladies wine glass charms , instead of a name on it, with J&C, our initials....what could I get for the men if women get that?!

GAH my predicament image image image

Also I was thinking of getting cookies like this,

Does anyone know of any sites that make them?

I really need to decide image image


  • You could also do mini spirits for the ladies? Peach snapps, amaretto, apple/pear liquor? Mini wine bottle are also nice but would be larger than the mini whiskeys - not that this necessarily matters!

    Not sure where you can get the biscuits from I'm afraid and I can't seem to think of a male equivalent to the glass charm - Men are hard to buy little gifts for!

    Personally if you found a lovely place that did the biscuits - I bet there are loads! then that and the spirits would be more than enough! image
  • The Cake Parlour in Wimbledon do amazing biscuits for favours and at a really good price.

    have a look at their webpage.


    good luck xx
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