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I need help, choosing tablecentres!

Looking for something that is dramatic as the hall is huge but also need something in keeping with the theme, and as we are having roses everywhere I figured this would be our theme.

Its a winter wedding, next January and we are having ice blue and white as the colour scheme.

I was looking at some tablecentres with ostrich feathers coming out of a lighted tall glass vase but am finding it hard to justify using feathers as we arent having them anywhere else but on my stole around my shoulders.

Has anyone got any other ideas for something incorporating roses and being in a tall display?

Also has anyone got any ideas about using silk flowers rather than real ones, I really want some nice displays in the church and in the reception but I don't want to spend a fortune and wondered what other peoples views are on this.



  • mrsrabietobemrsrabietobe Posts: 256
    Hi simmy08,

    Here's the link to the YAYW posts and articles:[]=13&ptids[]=11&ptids[]=12&ptids[]=15&ptids[]=16&header[title]=1&header[text]=1

    I'm also a huge fan of Google images, so here's the link to those results too:

    Use google images to search anything from colours, themes, anything - I'm the queen of searches! image

    Hope that helps!
  • mrsrabietobemrsrabietobe Posts: 256
    oh, and you could also find some water activated lights on
  • LouB2BLouB2B Posts: 163
    Hi Simmy,

    You sound like your wanting something similar to what I am having. I'm having a tall thin vase filled with clear crytals and a flora light shining up through all the crystals to make them sparkle. Then there is a posy of ivory silk roses at the top and some of the roses have diamontes in their center. The vase will be on a mirror that will be surrounded by 4 tealight holders - 2 with candles and 2 with rose heads and then there will be sprinkles of table diamonds around everything and possibly rose petals too.

    I get married in August and will probably want to sell on my centerpieces afterwards if you are anywhere near Manchester? Would be easy to change to your colour sceme - just get a blue floralyte, blue rose petals etc. Let me know and I'll send you a pic if so.

    If not, good luck with sorting yours, Lou x
  • I'm hoping to have tall candelabra wrapped with ivy and roses to draw the eye upward as our venue is also quite big with high ceilings. We're getting married in September, but his would probably work even better for a winter wedding with the glow of the candles. The florist is being cagey about how much it will cost though so we will have to wait and see!

    Otherwise, we'll probably go for tall vases with similar flowers in. If you go down this route, you can get quite a dramatic effect with not many flowers. Your florist should be able to advise what would be the most cost effective flowers in January, although I'm guessing they'll all need to be imported at that time of year.

    By the way, did you know ostrich feathers are considered to be bad luck? (Just a silly superstition I know so feel free to ignore me -- just thought I'd better warn you in case you are bothered by things like that!)

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