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Anyone getting married or has got married at Taplins Place (Hartley Wintney, Hampshire)??


I'm getting married at Taplins place on 15th June 2012 - just wondered if anyone had or is going to get married there and has any hints, tips or ideas?!!



  • No but I live just down the road! image Good luck with it all!!
  • hi kat

    congrats on the recent wedding!!!

    i am looking at taplins place for our wedding reception next year. how did it all go with yours?



  • I've been there as a guest, loved it - it'll be brilliant image

  • I have mine booked there for 2 weeks after yours!! How are your plans going?

  • It looks a quirky but fun venue. How have people found it? Was the hall large enough for all of your guests when the DJ was there?
  • Amba80Amba80 Posts: 105
    I'm getting married there next August! I'm a little worried about the space too, having 80 for the meal and hoping to not have to remove tables for the evening. According to my caterer that shouldn't be a problem so fingers crossed!
  • I live just down the road.  H W lovely - there is a really nice pub over looking the cricket green.  Em


  • Hi! I'm thinking of getting married at taplins next year!! How did it all go??? Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
  • LASLAS Posts: 1

    We have looked at Taplins too. katclarke83 and Amba80 I would love to hear how you guys found it - please contact me image

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