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HELP with flowers!!! Wedding tomorrow!!!

Getting married tomorrow, I have picked up Calla lillies for my table centres but have noticed that some of the steams are squidgy (new technical term for really limp!) A couple of them have almost disintergrated all together!! What should I do to keep them as fresh as possible over night?? Worried about putting them in water incase they all end up the same way???!! image


  • lctuklctuk Posts: 663 New bride
    Oh Angie I haven't really got any advice. Not very green fingered!

    Hopefully you'll get some better ideas from the other girls, but on a brighter note -

    Congratulations for tomorrow! :\)
  • Hi,

    My local florist always says to put floweres straight away into a little water - not too much though only a couple of inches. If some of the stems are squigy then perhaps cut a could of inches off the ends. Hope this helps image
  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    is it just the ends that are like that?when you get fresh flowers home you should always cut the end off and put them in to a little water,not too much and also make sure they don`t lean or bend or they will be that shape by tomorrow.keep as cold as possible but not in fridge (mum used to be a florist) xxxx and best wishes for tomorrow
  • FloristfloFloristflo Posts: 743
    Calla's go like this and all you can do is cut them as they go slimey after time...sorry no good to you this late!

  • lozzyuk1lozzyuk1 Posts: 1,910
    how are they?how are you !
  • magsieukmagsieuk Posts: 1,434
    Hope your flowers are ok,

    have a gorgeous day today and dont forget to report back with your piccies!!!
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