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Wedding Venues in the Bristol Area


We are looking to get married next year and we have just started looking at venues. We have just moved to Bristol and are really keen to get married near to where we live but we are struggling to find venues. We need something that will hold 100-120 people and we want something traditional or something we can put our own stamp on. Ideally it needs to have a good food reputation or it is easy to get in caterers.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




  • Katie8668Katie8668 Posts: 442
    We are having our wedding reception at the aztec hotel. It's no manor house or anything but the food is amazing. It's in almondsbury. Where abouts are you? How about tortworth court? It's lovely but expensive and there could be other brides there on the same day. Also old down manor. These are all north bristol / south Glos.
  • I am Having my wedding venue at the Riverstation on the waterfront. When i was looking at venues you really need to think outside the box sometimes with the venues around here. If you want something to put your own stamp on there is the paintworks, industrial space can hold a lot of people, your can get married there as well. Pump house, Leigh court, Ashton court and my favourite which I really wanted but was too expensive was folly farm, outside of Bristol but seemed amazing.

    I have been to a wedding at Combe lodge and it was good but not amazing.

    Also some schools open their doors to wedding, Redland high school, Bristol grammar school and clifton college. Clifton college is very traditional and has amazing grounds.

    Again......also westbury village hall can hold 120, again somewhere lot put your own stamp but is a lovely building as well.

    I hope this helps.
  • My friend got married at royal Hilton Bristol, it was amazing
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    The Clifton club, Byzantium, tortworth court, prison mill, Ashton court, college green Marriott, wills memorial building, there are so many!!!
  • I've just realised its not Coombes lodge I'm thinking of its somewhere else! Can't remember it though. Have a look at some of the Bristol uni buildings.
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