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Does anyone have any experience of buying wedding flowers wholesale, either from New Covent Garden Flower market or from one of the online wholesale flower delivery companies like Triangle Nurseries?

We are thinking of doing this and arranging the flowers ourselves to keep things within budget, but have no idea how to do about doing it! Any tips welcome! image


  • bmaundbmaund Posts: 425
    at covent garden you just pitch up pay to get in and buy, as long as you are quite open as to what you want to buy there will be loads to choose from. As a florist (and the wedding co ordinator at my shop) a huge part of my job is buying, knowing quantities, varieties, when to buy etc, some flowers will have to be bought 10, 7, 5 , 4 , 3, 2, 1 days before the wedding to be at the right stage of development for the big day. I don't think people quite understand the level of knowledge required to understand what is appropriate for what job, what can go in foam what can't, what can be wired what can't, how many you'll need and what percentage you should allow for damage and waist, a wrap of 20 roses will not have 20 usable roses so buy extra. Flowers don't always look like the dutch aution picture so I think its better to go to market than buy online if you are quite green on your types and varieties. If you just want to fill a few jam jars then you will be able to pick up stuff that you just like the look of at Cov gdn
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