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Kids wedding jokes...

Maybe some of you can help me!

Making a wedding busy book for the kids who will be at our wedding (something for them to occupy themselves with during the speeches etc!) I've got colouring pages, a word search etc... I have also included a jokes page because I thought it would be fun... But now I can't think of any jokes! All you get when you google 'wedding jokes' is dirty ones lolimage maybe not the best for kids!!

Maybe some of you know some clean kids wedding jokes off the top of your head?!? The only one I've got so far is

What do rabbits do after their wedding?

Go on their bunny moon!

I know that is super cheesy but the kids that are coming to our wedding are all pretty young so I'm aiming it at their level! Help!


  • Hiya. I'm making these books as well. I wanted a jokes page but came up blank on jokes! I added a picture of a cake which kids could decorate, and also a maze with me at the top and H2B at the bottom and then the caption "help Gemma get to the wedding on time!"

    Sorry I can't come up with jokes but thought those ideas might help you with your pack anyway image
  • I've given up on jokes too! Those are amazing ideas, thanks! I've done a flower dot to dot 'guess what the groom needs for his lapel?' , a word search, a page where the kids can finish my outfit off by adding shoes, jewellery, tiara etc, some doodle pages and a page where the kids can add the guests faces into a group shot! It was really easy and im so pleased with how it came out! X
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