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Photographs - what 'formal' pictures to have?

Help! Please!

I am trying to write a list of 'formal' pictures for the wedding. Most of the pics are going to be the relaxed/photographer takes it whilst youre not looking kind, but we did want some formal pictures doing too, esp to keep the oldies happy image

So Im trying to write a list, and Im not sure how many different 'poses' I should go for, or what, and I just wondered if anyone has any advice?

My photographer is actually a friend of mine plus her friend. They are both doing a photography degree and mine will be their first wedding they cover so they dont have the experience for me to call on them really.

Any help/advice much appreciated

Thank you



  • jot1982jot1982 Posts: 128
    Why don't you ask the "oldies" what kind of photos they are looking for image
  • Google wedding photography list or checklist - there are hundreds of lists of shots, including creative and cheesy. Its really your 'togs job (no matter how inexperienced) to come up with a sample list as its them who will need to follow it and understand what the descriptions mean.

    You may have to help them with the creativity..

    Go to the likes of flickr and look at some of the wedding photo groups. There are some really nice creative and formal shots.

    You may find my brides guide to posing helpful:
  • "The Photos You Really Don't Want to Forget on Your Wedding Day

    Before the ceremony

    Shots of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready

    The bride and father in the car

    The groom preparing

    Wedding dress hanging on a beautiful hanger

    Wedding Shoes

    Groom waiting (nervously!) outside venue

    Shot of the bridesmaids

    During the ceremony

    The bride's grand entrance

    The guests' faces on seeing the bride

    The groom waiting at the altar

    The ring exchange

    The kiss

    Register signing

    Bride and groom leaving

    A confetti shot

    It's traditional to have photographs of:

    Bride, groom, best man and ushers

    Bride, groom, and both sets of parents

    Bride and groom as new couple

    Bride and groom with bridesmaids

    Bride and groom with brothers and sisters

    Bride and groom with grandparents

    Bride and her mother

    Groom and his father

    Bride and groom with friends

    Whole bridal party and guests


    The decorated room and table plan before the guests arrive

    Bride and groom entering


    Cake cutting

    First dance of the bride and groom"

    Pinched this from another wedding magazine blog - hope it helps! x
  • Just try to remember every formal group shot will take approximately 5 minutes so factor that into the day, so say 10 groups will take best part of an hour. Have a fantastic day!
  • JaneK2011JaneK2011 Posts: 516
    Our photographer suggested only 8 formal shots due to the time they take up. With all the couple shots to take, you don't want to spend half your wedding day away from your friends and family.
  • Thank you everyone! Fantastic advice! Now I just need to get over my fear of cameras lol x
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513
    I think Miss wiggles has it covered! Have a think about the people who are really important to you both and decide who you want to see in each picture - write a list and make sure that an usher or best man (or helpful and willing guest)has a copy and knows who the people are to assist the photographer in getting people together.
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