Upwaltham Barns

Hello Everyone,

I am just after some advice really on what experiences people had with Upwaltham Barns, it seems expensive and I have to organise alot of the stuff myself.

I hope you don't mind me asking but if you have list of suppliers that would be usefull image


  • Hi,

    Upwaltham Barn is near where I live, we considered it but went for Bartholomew Barn instead as it is cheaper, plus we were able to choose our own caterer which isn't possible at Upwaltham. They both use the same agent, however.

    Where are you based? Let me know if you want me to recommend any of my suppliers, as the venues are fairly close to each other. I've been planning since May last year for 1st September this year.

  • We are also getting married at Bartholomew Barn next May after looking at Upwaltham but they had just decided to limit it to one caterer which pushed it out of our price range. Would love to know which suppliers you are using for your wedding at Bartholomew. Have you sorted out accommodation?
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