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Sweet Buffet- Help!

Hi All,

In need of containers and scoops for our candy buffet next year! Can anyone suggest the best places for me to get them from please?

Also, we have a 3 course meal around 3pm (65 guests), a hog roast around 8pm (120 guests) and the sweet buffet all evening, will this be enough food? We have all adults no children, well except my gorgeous little nephew!

Thank you!!



  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    I'm trying to steer clear of vintage looking jars so we're heading Ikea to raid their vases and bowls!

    Have you tried charity shops? Also oddly enough I found some bargins in asda and tesco for big bowls and vases that'd work fab, and quite cheap!

    And yes I think thats plenty of food!!!!!
  • I've bought loads of sweet jars/bowls already and I found the best places were B & M. They have a sweet jar with a lid for £2.99. Also Dunelm have a lovely sweet bowl that has just been reduced, link below

    I also bought a few deep open sweet bowls from Ikea, they were really cheap.
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    I got mine off ebay from a shop there. they are modern plastic sweet jar and cookie jar types but i found a lot of jars didn't seem very big. we were going to ikea for them but i didn't like the styles they had

    and that's plenty....after all how often do you have 2 dinners in a day? its really easy to go overboard on food (Im sure we probably have too) but think in a normal day you probably have a bit of toast, a sandwich and a dinner with a couple nibbles perhaps between. they won't starve to death. Worry not!
  • Haha! I just worry about everyones food requirements! My fiance and his family eat loads! and im sure with alcohol and dancing I will be hungry! I cant wait! 506 days to goimage xxxx
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    Mrs Rose I would just keep en eye out over the next few months, £1 shops can be good, so can charity shops and even Tesco/ Asda etc! Also ebay and on here brides sell off their old sweetie bar goodies! x
  • Naomi1984Naomi1984 Posts: 142
    Dunelm mill, i got 15 glass jars from there and they are absolutely amazing...
  • I've been buying th big apothcay jars!

    Guess it depends how much you wont to spend on jars really.

    As you can get cheap ones from Asda/Ikea etc for like £1 but they don't hold that many sweets.

    Do you want LOADS of sweets, or like token selection, are you guests sweet eaters.

    See for us, al my famiy and familys all have major sweet tooths, so we have gone for the massive jars.

    But can you get some great jars of ebay etc image
  • Sonya102Sonya102 Posts: 52
    I got my jars from Ikea, £1 each and then luckily got half a sweetie buffet off of here.

    Keep your eyes peeled on ebay image
  • Thanks girls, well if any of you sell yours come to me first please? xxxx
  • Naomi1984Naomi1984 Posts: 142
    Whereabout are you based? Im getting married in December and i would be happy to sell mine to you next year.

    Keep in [email protected]

  • Hiya Hun, I'm in Birmingham, where are you based? xxxx
  • MRMRS2014MRMRS2014 Posts: 1,279
    Hi i got these jars from tesco for £1.20 each. Asda had some cheap jars/vases aswell.

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    How bizarre MRMRS2014! At exactly the same time you posted about the Tesco jars I started a thread on them- even though we're not having a sweet buffet I thought they were such amazing value I wanted to let everyone know! image
  • thirdthingthirdthing Posts: 582
    I got mine from charity shops - but then I am after a vintage-y look.

    I agree Asda and b and m stores are great and tesco too if you get the sale.
  • charity shops are the best place to get a good variety its now my fav place to check out.
  • MRS H2BMRS H2B Posts: 324
    If anybody needs chair covers - you can get a free candy buffet with this company - the advert is on the front page in the corner
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