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How many songs do we need to choose?

HazzzerrHazzzerr Posts: 323
Hello, hope someone can help me out here.

During our reception we're gonna be having live music for the most part but there are some digital tracks we want to play, just wondering how many tracks roughly do we need to choose to fill the time of an evening? We've got the first dance song and so far have about 10 songs we want played, will that be enough to fill the time between live music?

We're getting married at 1pm but dunno what time we actually get to reception venue and when the music starts?

How many songs are you guys having?

Thanks in advance image


  • Mrs M 2012Mrs M 2012 Posts: 408
    Firstly i would work out when your evening reception will start and finish. Then ask the band roughly how many songs they'll be playing and also how many breaks they'll want as you'll have to fill time in between that.

    You'll be able to roughly work out how much time you've got and divide that between 4mins as that roughly the time of a track. It's always better to have more songs that dont get played though. image
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    you need to work out a timetable for your day, even if it's only rough, itl give you n idea of how much time you have to fill

    im collecting music for the whole day and the evening disco we so far have 5.3 hours for and thats 80 songs. pop songs range from 2.5-4 mins generally, more of you have album versions so id give 3minutes per song. if you want classical music a piece can last anything from 30 seconds to an hour so im afraid its not an answer anyone can give you outright

    work out a plan for your day, if you are changing venues then allow plenty of time for travel (our venues are 30 mins a part but ive allowed an hour in case of travel) and that will give you a better idea
  • HazzzerrHazzzerr Posts: 323
    Thanks for your replies, the thought of drawing up a timetable fills me with dread haha, I just want to turn up on the day! I don't even know what time the 'evening' bit starts, I thought the reception after the wedding was all the same thing? No, apparently not!

    We're getting married at 1pm in a church then going to the reception venue which is about a half hour drive(ish) if that's anything to go by?
  • Mrs M 2012Mrs M 2012 Posts: 408
    So are you going to have a wedding breakfast or any food before the evening reception starts?

    We've spoke to our venue and they said the evening reception will start about 7.30 as we arrive there at 3.30 for an hours drinks reception then a sit down three course lunch.

    If you speak to your wedding planner at your venue to discuss timings in relation to food and what time you stay until (ours finishes at 12 as per the venues request) and then speak to the band about how much space inbetween there songs you need.
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