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Anybody NOT having long and low flowers on their top table? I know flowers look really nice, but at £70, I thought that we could do something cheaper.

I'm already having crystal trees at either end, but didn't know what to put in the middle.

If you are having something different, please share, so I can get some inspiration!! image



  • lisabri12lisabri12 Posts: 199
    Hey Sonya how about a crystal candelabra or blinged up mr and mrs sign??

    Just a couple of pics I have seen of the top table that didnt feature a flower arrangement x
  • MrsLM23MrsLM23 Posts: 924

    I used mine and my bridesmaids bouquets for our top table. We got to use them again that way and they looked gorgeous. My bouquet was white with lilac in and the bridesmaids were all white looked so good against our colours! Happy planning X
  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018
    I'm having hurricane lamps as my table centrepieces (bargain from sainsburys - £5 inc candle and sand!) and just having three on the top table...

    What are you having as your centrepieces? You could have 2-3 of the same on the top table, smaller than the other tables if necessary...

  • Hiya Hun I'm a florist and I only charge £35 for a flower center peace have alook at my facebook or

    I deliver all over the uk and the world sx


  • Mrs M 2012Mrs M 2012 Posts: 408
    hey, i got quoted £100 for a floral arrangement which looked rubbish. So im having a boxed vase in the middle to put my bouquet in and then the two BMs are going to put there's either side. Also we're having a candlelabra at each end as thats our centrepieces.
  • BabsMelonBabsMelon Posts: 983
    A bowl of sweets and a picture of us meeting Mickey Mouse is our top table centrepiece! Behind us is a balloon arch.
  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848
    We're not having a top table so the decorations are all the same, an arrangement of candles on each table
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