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Table Runners

I have become slightly obsessed with table runners and am after some opinions. We're having a buffet but still want tables where people can sit and eat/have a chat etc. We're going to have 3 long tables and I'd like table runners down the centre of them and flowers, candles etc on top.

First question... I am on budget and was wondering if paper would look ok as the runner? I was thinking some nice wrapping paper possibly or tissue paper? Is this a ridiculous idea?!

Second question... With having a buffet, will there be plates and cutlery set out or is it best just to have the tables left bare (obv table runner and decorations on there)?

Ta! x


  • I think paper's a great idea - especially seeing as your tables are long. You might struggle to get standard runners which are long enough, but with paper all you would need is a long roll which you can cut to whatever length you need. However, I would recommend wallpaper rather than wrapping or tissue paper, simply for durability.

    Re the second question, I would think either is fine but to me it makes more sense not to have the plates on the tables. Because otherwise the guests would have to just pick up the plate and carry it to the buffet for no reason, when you could just have the plates on the buffet table waiting for them.
  • Hi,

    I am having a buffett for my UK reception, my tables will have knives and forks laid out on them and plates, so guests can take there plates up to the buffet or i have the option to have the stacked next to the buffett so guests can grab them from there and then put their buffet food on. image

    Also i would recomment a strong type of paper if you do go with this option as it would be easily tearable. xxxx
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