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How did you end your wedding reception?

I am worrying about how to end our wedding reception. We are staying the night at the venue, so are not leaving via any transport. So do we just play the last song, and then the music gets turned off and the lights get turned on?

Please share what you are doing... or what you did to end on a high?


  • We are having 2 final songs played

    Hey Jude - The Beatles

    The the last song of the night

    Dance Magic - David Bowie, Labyinth!! (Family are huge fans, and always said it would be the last song at my wedding since I was a child)

    Then the DJ stops.. the lights go up. and vendors start packing away.

    You'll be talking, saying goodbye to guests etc.. so you'll be busy
  • My MIL wanted everyone to do the traditional archway at 11:30pm (even though the music stops at midnight!) and for us to just go up to our rooms!! I was like NO WAY! im staying to the bloody end!

    We are just gonna play a couple of songs to end the night (something like 'new york, new york') but yeah i agree with Clare_Jeffery you will be busy saying bye to your guests.
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