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Reception location; help!

Ok so my family is from SY and my fiancees is from Newcastle. We had the idea of getting married in a place situated between as not to favour one party when travelling. This is fine for the small number of guests at the wedding, because close family will be willing to travel the hour it would take. However, taking the reception into consideration, we can't think of what to do. My fiancee would like it to be in the same place as the wedding but extended family and friends are more unlikely to drive the hour to the reception (in my opinion). Plus they will have some people not being able to drink and people wont want to drive home for an hour in the small hours of the morning. What do we do? Any advice?


  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    Unless you're getting married on your doorstep won't people want to get a hotel or b&b anyway so they don't have to worry about driving?

    I would say don't worry about favouring one side over the other but it did make a different to the mil when she realised we wernt getting married anywhere near my family either butter the distance isn't quite the samr-my family live in Kent, his are in n Ireland and we're getting married in portsmouth. the reason... it was the only truly dog friendly place i could find and i searced all over England and north Wales

    however, were not having separate evening guests so everyone Will be travelling for the whole day/weekend (i wondered why you invited people who miss the whole point of the day... the getting married bit)

    you may find as you search that other factors determine where you get married so start perhaps with somewhere close to where the majority of reception only people might be and see where you end up. think carefully about how included everyone can be on the day
  • We can't really afford a massive wedding with loads of guests, so we are trying to keep it to close family. The reception however will be easier to host for more people.
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