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Venue query

How much communication have you had with your venue??

I've had lots of E-mail communication with mine but only seen my wedding co-ordinator once face to face.

I'm starting to get stressed with how much there seems to be to organise and make it run smoothly. So I'm now worrying that I haven't had enough contact with my venue!!!

Argh weddings who have one hey!!!


  • mrsrhmrsrh Posts: 433
    I don't think that it sounds bad to have only met once face to face, especially as you've had plenty of email communication - i'd be tempted to be worried/panic if you weren't getting any replies to your emails/calls at all! When we were organising our wedding last year, we had the initial meetings with the co ordinators when first viewing, then again upon booking & confirming the date & deposit, then we didn't meet them again until nearer the time (before final numbers, final payment & exact arrangements needed to be finalised).

    If your venue holds weddings as a usual practice, they will be more than ready for organising your day, it just seems hard for you because you aren't organising weddings all the time.

    As long as you have a to do list, have booked the venue, they are communicating with you in some way (whether in person, on the phone or email - email is very good as you then have written confirmation of everything!), you really want to be knowing when they need final numbers & final payment by, also knowing when you can drop things in or people can be setting up/dropping items off like the cake/table decor/chair covers, etc, and then as long as you have your registrar or church booked, then it will all fall into place!!

    Good Luck x
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