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Can anyone please help me out with their expertise/experience?  For our evening food we're just having pasties, pate and a cheese wedding cake with breads, chutneys etc.  (And actual cake wedding cake)  Two thirds of our guests will only have eaten their 3 course meal a couple of hours before so I'm assuming we don't actually need cheese to feed 120 people - does anyone know how many people we should be aiming to feed so that people don't go hungry but we're not left with lbs and lbs of cheese left over?



  • May I ask what type of cheese you will be going for? Our caterers have suggested to have a ''cheese'' board for the evening, should any guests go hungry (we're not having evening food, just a 3 course meal, as only 1 lot of guests). The caterers will serve, but as I don't eat much cheese other than chedder (lol), I wouldn't have a clue what to buy.

  • TheNewMrsCTheNewMrsC Posts: 558

    We have aprox 100-110 guests for the evening,and our venue are catering for 85. As we are having 60 day guests they will also have eaten a 3-course meal.
    For evening we are having a buffet and a 'cheese' cake too-but also struggling to decide how much cheese to buy!! A lot of my family are big cheese eaters so shouldn't be too much waste! The venue have said to cater for 75% of the overall number of guests - hope this helps a little!

  • TitianetteTitianette Posts: 88

    Thanks Emzee - it does.

    @Alice- well, I'm going  for all British cheeses because I like to buy locally.  I want a Cornish brie, a good cheddar (Keen's  or Montgomery's are always good), a stilton (colston bassett!) or stichelton and then I want a kind of wild card - I'm thinking of garlic Yarg but it could be anything that people would like to try but all may not know - maybe a smoked cheese or sheep's cheese otherwise.  I am not keen on goats - and they tend to be small (the cheeses, not the goats!) - but you could have a goats' cheese if you like them.

  • meryloumerylou Posts: 54

    our venue's said to cater for 75% of evening guests too

  • TitianetteTitianette Posts: 88

    75% of just the evening lot - or 75% of the total number?

  • meryloumerylou Posts: 54

    sorry... 75% of the total number

  • eyu1982eyu1982 Posts: 3

     I'm going  for all British cheeses because I like to buy locally.

  • TitianetteTitianette Posts: 88

    Thanks - two identical answers has to mean this is The Law of cheese.

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    assume 100g per person, roughly, and like others said for about 75% of your guestsimage

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