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Buffet food ideas?

Hey everyone,

Looking for some buffet food iedas, this is what we have so far -

Buffet food


Meat & Fish

Poached whole salmon                                

Sliced ham

Seafood platter – Prawns


                               Crab sticks

Large prawn cocktail

Hot finger foods

Chicken Goujons


Chicken satay kebabs

Quiches (meat & veggie)

Cold finger foods

Sandwiches – Ham




                         Humus & Salad

Pork pies

Sausage rolls

Cocktail sausages

Veggie sausages

Sides & Salads


Potato salad

Rice salad

Green salad

New potatoes

On-table foods

Ketchup, salad cream & brown sauce

Crudités & dips

Crisps & nibbles

Cheeseboard (during speeches)


Its an October do so looking for some more hot food ideas but that can be easily warmed up/kept warm...or any other normal buffet foods that I have missed....Thanks!!




  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    You could have baked potatoes for an additional (and cheap!) hot food, the only other thing I'd say is your 'meat & fish' is very fish heavy and not much meat apart from the sliced ham - could you balance that out a bit more, e.g. do you need a seafood platter & a prawn cocktail, and replace one of those with a meat dish

  • What about mini toad in the holes? I do them quite often when we have parties and apparently they stay nice even when you keep them warm for a while. You could do veggie ones too.

    You could do mini cornish pasties too, or cheese & onion pasties. Something that we do too is a variation on the jacket potatoes Heliganeden suggested. If you hollow out baked new potatoes and put some mince in the empty skin, then mash the potato which came out of it and spread it on top and bake again for 10 mins or so you have mini shepherd's pies. These are always a huge hit when we do them and they're pretty quick and easy.

    All of those can be easily warmed up/kept warm. Other than that, how about some hunks/rolls of bread on the tables to go with the cheese? Or some biscuits for cheese?

    Just suggestions though, what you've got already sounds great image x

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Oooo mini shepherds pies sound ace!! might do some at home, lol!

  • TheNewMrsCTheNewMrsC Posts: 558

    Mini chicken fajitas, feta cheese & spinach parcels(made with puff pasrty), potato skins filled with cheese & bacon, waldorf salad, maybe some chutney/pickle to go with cheeses and bread.

  • Heliganeden - we sometimes have them for dinner if I'm feeling lazy and don't want to cook something complicated - they are delicious! OP, sorry for threadjacking, I meant to say that with the jacket potatoes you can also replace the mince with left over curry, cauliflour cheese, anything like that. They are delicious image

  • MrsSAllenMrsSAllen Posts: 44

    Fab ideas! Thank you everyone image

    We have many hands on the day so can quite a lot done!!

    Love the cottage pie/potato skins idea...might give that one a go for tea tomorrow!! xx

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