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Does anyone know a santa to hire??

Hello, a bit of an unusual request but I am getting married 2 days before Christmas and we have children at the wedding. I want to hire a santa for an hour or so but don't really know where to start.I've had a look at a few websites but they look a bit dodgy and if I use an agency I have to pay a full day rate which is highly inflated with their fees. If anyone knows of a santa or has any ideas where to look (please no north pole jokes image) let me know xx


  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    Where are you based?

    I know an AMAZING santa in Birmingham.

    Iwould advise recommendations. Try your local school to see who they use as often a couple of 'santas' will work an area.

    Ask to see their enhanced CRB check too before booking and def stay away from any sites that feel dodgy! First impressions count.

  • Retrac1981Retrac1981 Posts: 11

    Thanks so much for the feedback - I never thought of schools and I have a few friends who are teachers nearby.

    I am getting married in Whitchurch so about an hour from Birmingham so if you think your Santa would travel that far...please could I have the details?

    Thanks again! x

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