Music during wedding breakfast

Hi, I'm hoping that someone can advise me if we should have some background music during the sit down wedding breakfast? Won't it be a bit on the quiet side if not? We have a string quartet for the drinks reception and a DJ in the evening so wouldn't be able to afford anything apart from a CD running in the background. Help please image


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    We're having music playing in the background, just ask the venue if you can plug in an ipod with speakers with a playlist so you don't have to worry about changing cds

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    We're having music, our whole day will be full of music so its a must for us. along as its not so loud that people hAve to shut to hear each other and its loud enough that its audible over the talking itl be fine

    what sort of music are you thinking of? the man wants vitamin string quartet covers which i think could work well as people will recognise tunes and hopefully itl get people in the mood to dance. i would have liked some classical pieces but i might have them earlier in the day
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    I'm thinking about saving my playlist of soppier love songs and classical music for the wedding breakfast.

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    You want something nice and soft and not too fast. Maybe some Motown Love Songs? Nina Simone's greatest hits (we had this as Xmas while your eating music)? Buble if your into that kind of thing? Check itunes as there's probs some playlists on there for inspiration...

    You can get programmes that will merge a playlist of songs into each other (one called Audacity is free) so you don't have gaps as well. I agree you need some music you dont want to listen to people chowwing their food  image

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    On our invites we asked our guests to choose two songs each, one for the wedding breakfast (easy listening)  and one for the evening (more of a upbeat song)  .We thought this was a nice idea as all ages are attending so everyone gets to listen to something they like . image xx.

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    It would be great to have a music background suring the wedding breakfast, I remember the time my hubby and I are thinking of a music to play then he suggested me to play a song from one of the rock and roll hall of fame inductees just to awaken the morning of our guest, well I didn't consider that suggestions since not all of our guest are into usch kind of genre

  • We have a pianist playing during our Wedding Breakfast.

    We have picked the below songs to be played

    Oasis Live Forever Disney - Dumbo Baby Mine Ronan Keating When You Say Nothing At All Evita- Soundtrack High Flying Adored Britney Spears Everytime Beatles All You Need Is Love DJ Sammy Heaven (Candlelight mix) Disney   when you wish upon a star Mae We're So Far Away   starlight express theme Skrillex Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites Etta Jones At Last Oasis Masterplan aqualung brighter than sunshine Jimmy Eat World Hear You Me Avril Lavigne Alice Brand New The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows Taking Back Sunday Cute Without The E The Monkees I'm a Believer Oasis Slide Away Twilight Soundtrack Bellas Lullaby Daniel Powter Bad Day Disney - Beauty And The Beast Main Theme Avril Lavigne Complicated Disney Soundtrack - Enchanted so Close The La's There She Goes The Corpse Bride Soundtrack Corpse Bride Piano Solo Adele Set Fire To The Rain   Come What May Gotye Somebody That I Used To Know disney - tangled I see the light Vertical Horizon Everything You Want Beatles Michelle avril lavigne Sk8R Boi Beverly Craven Promise Me Nirvana  Smells Like Teen Spirit Lifehouse Hanging By A Moment Cyndi Lauper True colours
  • If you want  anything to do with the music give a try, made my day A LOT less stressful!! image


  • I think that it is a brilliant idea!!! I will do the same for mine! Just put a cd with your favourite songs or something romantic! hehehehe everybody loves the music backgrounds as long as they can speak and hear everybody when talking!!!

  • My H2B came up with an idea that i think we may go with.  We are having a failry small Wedding Breakfast, about 40 including us.  We are going to try and think of a song that reminds us of each person or means something to them, and that will be our playlist.  So for example, as a kid i always remember my Dad listening to ELO, or my friend had Rod Stewart, Have i told you lately for her first get the idea.

    Then when H2B does his speech after the meal, he's going to mention that we played a song for everyone there!

  • We are doing the ipod dock idea. We are going to put together a playlist of some of our favourite softer more mellow music as background as your right it would probably be really quiet without it. I like the idea of asking guests on the RSVPs because everyone would get a choice image

  • We are going to make a few compilation CDs ourselves to have playing, a lot of suff like ed Sheeran, Bruno mars, oasis, and some Disney ones. X
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    Our venue will play the music throughout the hotel so we have gone for the Rat Pack

    Nice and gentle and nothing that anyone can complain about!

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    I'm planning on having some Chritsmas songs on in the background during my wedding breakfast image they'll be the softer, more relaxed songs and we'll save the party ones for the evening disco! 

  • Our venue have a PA which we can plug an iPod into, so will be doing that for the day and evening.  I'm generating 2 seperate playlists - one more subdued for the daytime and then more upbeat for the evening.  Plus going to put our first dance on a totally seperate playlist to make it easy to find.

  • My OH is a massive classical guitar music fan. We're having a guitarist play while people are waiting for the ceremoney then we'll carry on the theme with a few John Williams cd's playing throughout the meal. Its really beautiful music and very chilled image

  • Just make sure that the venue has a suitable PA system for the room. I would go along with the rest here and advise getting an Ipod with a few playlists. You might just have to fiddle with the volume levels once people are in and eating and chatting. Too noisy and people will be put off too quiet and it's a waste of time.

    Musically depends on what your guests are like. I provided  a background Cd for a client last month with some jazz, classical, modern stuff and some chill out tracks as per their instructions.


    Hope that helps



  • I hadn't even thought that far of music during the breakfast, but sending it out on invites is a great idea - get everyone involved.



  • We're doing an ipos playlist - as another poster said, we are choosing songs that remind us of the guests and our wedding and some great times - either with our families or each other .... lots of old Elton John, Crosby Stills and Nash, Paul Simon etc x

  • Bumping this cos I need some help with this. Anyone got any tips or ideas on what they're playing?

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    Our venue has said that they can play their background music if we would like - but I think I might also buy a Rat Pack CD and have this playing in the background as I love this music image

  • We used an iPod and just downloaded an instrumental album. We had 120 guests for the meal so wasn't a quiet room but definitely needed something in the background. Couldn't always hear what songs were on but when it finished you could definitely tell. I don't think it matters too much what songs are played as your guests will be chatting, eating and drinking, it just helps set the mood!

    most caterers told us a 3 course meal would take 2 hours so that's how long your playlist would need to be roughly.

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