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Any good venues in Uxbridge / Denham area

Hi everyone,

I'm Looking for a venue in the uxbridge, denham, dont know where to start as budget is quite tight every where i want is around & £7000 We have 75 on the guest list for the day! does anyone know of any or can reccommend a venue.

Would really appreciace any comments. Thanks xx


  • sorry forgot to add something - has anyone had or know anyone who has had a reception at uxbridge golf course?
  • NushukNushuk Posts: 34
    I don't know how much it costs but The Barn Hotel in Ruislip is nice. I think it caters for up to 80 people.
  • CharlieTCharlieT Posts: 303
    how far are you prepared to come outside Uxbridge/Denham? There's some lovely venues like the Runnymede Hotel, Burnham Beeches Hotel, the Barn in Burnham or the Berystede in Ascot. I'm getting married and having my reception at the last one and the venue hire, wedding and BBQ buffet for £125 is costing just under £5,000.
  • evelyndentonevelyndenton Posts: 182
    I come from Uxbridge, although I've since moved away, and we're coming back for the wedding. We've chosen Buckinghamshire Golf Club which is in Denham. The venue is gorgeous and when we went to look around the staff were very helpful and welcoming. Small drawback is you're only allowed a maximum of 80 people for the meal but it was perfect for our needs. Really recommend them! Other venues we looked at were The Barn Hotel in Ruislip, The Crowne Plaza Hotel at Heathrow and if you're on a tight budget Brunel University offer amazing prices for food etc (we went to a wedding there and it was very good), however the building itself isn't as pretty as other venues. Hope that's some help!
  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869
    Hiya Bride2b,

    im from Ruislip, and although we are getting married abroad we are having a reception with the norm food ect back at The Bull Hotel in Gerrards Cross, which if you konw the area is just up from Denham.

    Prices are very reasonable, and they will cater to suit your budget as there are several options to pick from, the staff are very willing to help you too. They are also licenced to hold your ceromoney too so you can do it all under one roof, the grounds are lovely too for your photos, and being a hotel everyone can stay over image

    My cousin had her reception a few years ago at Uxb golf course and im not a snob by any means but it just didnt have that wedding feel to it, things may have changed, it might have been down to management ect but there was no way i would have hired that venue.

    I have been to a wedding at The Barn in Ruislip, that was very nice.

    Have you started looking for your dress yet?

  • Tori28ukTori28uk Posts: 781
    Denham Golf Course is stunning but I thin the room only caters for a smaller sit down function. Uxbridge Golf Course is ok, though I agree it does lack a something. My friend had a post wedding party there a couple of years ago and it was a good party venue.

    I wouldn't recomend The Bull at the moment. I got married there myself this year and they are going through allot of change and I don't think they are really 100% ready for weddings there currently.
  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869
    HI Tori,

    sorry to hear your comments about The Bull, can i be nosey and ask what happend? weve hired the Thames Suite in April 08 for our reception as we get married in st lucia in march then having the reception for approx 200 when we return, when we were shown around earlier this year we saw there were lots of refurbishments going on, and when weve been past weve noticed at the other end of the hotel they have built an extension.

    Weve still got 6 months till im there so im hoping that would of finished,

    we had friends attend a wedding only 2 weeks ago, again in the Thames suite and they were pleased...


  • Tori28ukTori28uk Posts: 781
    Got married in July and even though we had been told they weren't they completely got rid of the room we were going to get married in then refurbished the room we were going to have wedding breakfast in through May / June so spent allot of time worrying and not even knowing what room would look like etc. At this point the manager was great and met with us as often as posible to talk through options and keep us up to date.

    They are still doing allot of building work making a new resturant and rooms etc. Who really knows when it will be complete as I dont feel the staff are very honest about the long term plans for building .

    The main things that anoid me are quite small but just added to all the previous hassel.

    On the actual day my new surname was spelt incorrectly at the entrance to our wedding room and on the menus on our tables. This was completely avoidable as all our other paperwork was correct so I cant understand why that happened. It felt really insulting and my husbands family were really anoid. Being Italian there surname is something they feel strongly about.

    Also, the dedicated function manager was never around because he was so "dedicated" he was running the other two weddings they had on that day.

    I phoned down 4 times from my room on the morning of the wedding to speak with him and didn't get any contact from anyone until he came to tell me to come down for the ceremony (15 mins late!). I was obviously a bit worried and felt really out of touch.

    Because he was running 2 other weddings our day ran really behind in time meaning we finished eating around the time our evening reception guests arrived.

    Bits were missing from the evening such as the balloons that we had bought to be on the dance floor.

    There were a few really small things that really were un important aswell but it all just seemed to add up.

    I hope that this isn't the case for you. I think that due to the refurbishments and other changes during such a busy wedding season all these things happened and by the time it comes to your turn things would of settled down.
  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869
    Hi Tori,

    thanks for your post, sorry to hear what happend there, i hope it didnt spoil your day, and i hope you gave them feedback.. i certainly would..

    As for us its only an evening reception and to be honest they are having nothing really to do with it other than opening the Thames suit, laying on the food and manning the bar!! im lucky enuf to have a friend who does venue decoration (ie weddings ect) for a living, and a neice whos a florist so shes coming in to do all that, and were taking the suite over from midday so from then till 7pm when the guests arrive weve got then to work our magic and turn it into an evening reception.

    Ive had numnerous visits down there to check out things for decoration, and sizes and they have been very accomodating, but would be interesting to see then just how they coped on a full day..

    but friends of ours went to a wedding around 3wks ago now and they said the day went off brilliantly.

    I will let you konw how we get on, its on the 12th April

    thanks again hun xx
  • Darv81Darv81 Posts: 133
    I was actually going to recommend the Bull, we went to a wedding there in June and it was lovely - the staff were very attentive and good prices on drinks.

    I imagine this must have been before a major refurb cause i didnt notice anything.
  • Tori28ukTori28uk Posts: 781
    I think it depends on what area of the building you are in. The Thames Suite is slightly removed from the area the building work was in though if you go into the garden you can see the building work.

    I am sure the spelling mistakes were just mistakes that don't happen often. I was just unlucky enough it happened to us.

    Like I said, on the build up to the day, the manager was great help keeping us up to date on the refurbishments etc.

    Good luck for your day. You still have plenty of time for any works to be complete. Im sure it will be lovely once all your friends etc have worked there magic.
  • happybunnyukhappybunnyuk Posts: 1,869
    thanks Tori,

    yeah the Thames Suite is kind of seperate, as you know its even got its own entrance and carpark so if anything is still going on it is literally right down the other end, we are quite fortunate that we are quite local and wednesday night is our pub night so tonight when we take a drive past im going to have a nose and see how its progressing!!

    I will post tho and say how my reception went anyways.

    We had to hire the Thames Suite as ive got such a huge family, plus when you added on friends ect there was no way we would of all got into one of the smaller rooms, so im kind of glad in a way that weve got that room, then we are seperate and dont need to come thru the hotel at the front and all the rooms weve got reserved are off our suite too, so the plan is not to loose anyone - we hope!

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