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Tithe Barn Petersfield

GabiGabi Posts: 18

Hi ladies,

We are looking at booking Tithe Barn for May 2014 - are there any other ladies out there who are getting married there/looking to book?

Its such a beautiful venue!!



  • Hi Gabi,

    I went to a wedding at the Tithe Barn a little while ago! It's beautiful! PPx

  • SmilerSmiler Posts: 1

    Hi Gabi,

    I'm going to view it on Saturday for its open day.  It was one of the first venues I looked at and I loved it just from the photos.  I've been reading all the various threads as I'm so confused about all the stuff you have to get.  I'm also getting mixed messages on how much the venue is to rent.  I read £2500? We're looking at a 2014 wedding there.

  • Hi Ladies!

    I've wanted to join one of these threads for ages but haven't seen any current ones until now... only 8 weeks & 5 days before my wedding at the gorgeous Tithe Barn!! It was the first venue I visited and totally fell in love - I wanted the whole day in one location and the huge stone arches look so church like it was perfect. 

    Smiler- the prices will probably go up a bit for next year but the 2013 prices are

    Friday £3,500 - Saturday £4,000 - Sunday £3,500 - Weekdays £2,500 all + VAT and if you have your actual ceremony there it's an extra £300 + VAT

    Did you go to the open day today? We did and came away sooo excited as its really close now and becoming very "real"!!! Also found out while chatting to Hampshire Bars & events (we've booked them) that the bar man has booked his wedding at TB and he's seen over 300 venues so definitely a good seal of approval!

    Hopefully I can help you with any questions as we're pretty much sorted just fussing over the little details now like last minute decorations & extra uplighting (may as well show off those archesi soo love!!) 


  • GabiGabi Posts: 18

    Hi ladies, so sorry for the delay only just got a notification about your posts! We have booked the Barn for 10th May 2014 - i am so excited, its an amazing venue, and the only venue we saw!

    MrsDtobe - you wedding is so close!!! Are you super excited? Who have you booked your catering with? We met with Vanilla and booked with them image No doubt i will be asking you lots of questions so i apologise in advance hon lol!

    I wasnt able to make the open day as away in Berlin but went back to the Barn yesterday morning to show the Inlawsand MOH and they loved it - of course!! xxx



  • GabiGabi Posts: 18

    Sorry Smiler, the prices for 2014 are the same as 2013 imagexx

  • Rach87Rach87 Posts: 1

    Newly engaged, looking to get married summer 2015 (so a little while off yet!)  Off to visit Tithe Barn in a couple of weeks though!  It'll be the first I'll see so watch this space image  Did any of you look at Manor Barn in Buriton by any chance?  Looking to view there too but struggling to get hold of them. xx

  • Hello, only just had notification of these replies! Yes I am getting really excited now only 2 weeks and a couple of days to go, who would have thought it would be snowing this close-I'm hoping for a heat wave to strike soon!! crazy image We have gone with a small family run caterers who we were really impressed with, Wright Choice. The vanilla food looks lovely and fancy, I remember a white chocolate covered ice cream ball on a stick that was rather yummy. I will be sad once the weddings been and gone - all this build up has been so much fun, no more frivolous "wedding" shopping and trips to the make up counters! Although cannot wait to see it all come together on the day and get our pictures/album back.

    Tell me more ladies I want to hear your plans!

  • Mrs B2B2Mrs B2B2 Posts: 1

    My H2B and I went to The Tithe Barn this morning and have provisionally booked our wedding for 19th July 2014! We both love the barn and its gorgeous arches, it just seems the perfect place to say "I do" as we can't have a church wedding (H2B has been married before). We love the idea of being able to have the whole event at one place and use the meadow in the afternoon for drinks.

    Would love to hear what ideas you all have for decorating and making the most of the gorgeous space!

    We bumped into Michelle from Some flower who seems lovely so we may well get a quote from her. We were also considering Vanilla for the catering, does anyone have any other suggestions/recommendations for bands/music or anything really?!

    X x X
  • Been there a few times now - it's such a magical place!

  • NicnacnooNicnacnoo Posts: 1

    Hi everyone

    Am going to see Tithe Barn on Sun 26th May and very excited as it's currently my number one choice from looking online!

    Just have a question - do you think it would suit a winter wedding? We are after a venue that we can enjoy in Dec and fancy a winter wonderland wedding so hope Tithe Barn would be stuiable for about 130 guests and not needing to go outside.

    Any thoughts anyone?!

    Or am I being mad and should I just get married in say Sept?!


  • JP3JP3 Posts: 1

    Hi - I am getting married at the barn this coming August and can not wait the venue looks amazing!

    I was wondering if any of you have booked chairs yet? I have had a look at the ones the barn recommends but they are still £2+VAT a chair and we are looking at about 110 so that is quite a lot of money? Any other great tips would be welcomed, we have most things sorted, just planning decorations now. 

    I think the barn looks amazing in the winter, there was a christmas wedding in some of the photos that i have seen and it was great with huge pine trees and the red looks great against the stone. 


  • Donna84Donna84 Posts: 23

    Hi ladies, 

    I am getting married at Tithe Barn April 2017. I would love to hear any advice you have about the barn. We have booked Wright's caterers, Brian Mole as DJ, and Hampshire bars. 

    Not looked at florists yet, or dresses for that matter. 



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