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Perfect tableplan ........ has anyone used this?

Has anyone decided to make their own table plans and used Perfect Tableplan 2.0.1 or 2.1.3? I really am thinking of using this programme as it puts all your guests on the tables and sits them where ever you want to sit them next to. Only it cost's nearly £20 and for the once only use it's not something i'd use again.



  • shel_sunshineshel_sunshine Posts: 1,120
    I've never heard of this....where can u buy it?
  • calalilyukcalalilyuk Posts: 153 I found it on the internet, it's really good. I've downloaded a trial version but it only allows me to input 30 guests not the 60 i want to put in.

    ok right now i'm annoyed, how do you use the URL code so you can just click on the web addy?????

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  • shel_sunshineshel_sunshine Posts: 1,120
    Ha ha.... sounds like you're having fun. I'll give the site a look. Thanks for the info!!:\)
  • calalilyukcalalilyuk Posts: 153
    How frustrating is this, i've looked on other forums and they seem to be able to add a usable web addy. Grrrrr. Oh well at least you've got the addy to put in.
  • lisa-jtlisa-jt Posts: 399

    Just write it!!!!xx
  • calalilyukcalalilyuk Posts: 153

    did that work?

    ;\)Hurray!!!! thank you so much lisa-t-o, i was using that stupid url code thing but obviously not the right way of doing it.

    Ali x

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  • kht1468kht1468 Posts: 1,079
    It looks quite good from the website - useful for organising even if you don't need a table plan doing.

    Kathy x
  • clairistclairist Posts: 121
    Never heard of it!!

    H2B has produced all invites, order of service, table plans etc using a publisher package.

    He did the top table in no time!!

    Really should go into wedding stationery design after all this!
  • bluebabeukbluebabeuk Posts: 559
    I have heard of from doing a Google search a while back. Also thought was the £20 worth it although have just downloaded the free trial and it seems quite cool! Would save all the little pieces of paper I guess when it comes to organising the table plan! And you could always use it again I suppose for anniversary parties or something!
  • lisa-jtlisa-jt Posts: 399
    Glad my advice helped!!

    Thanks for the great tip to!! I downloaded the trial earlier and its great i had so much fun think i'll defo be buying it!!!xxx
  • bluebabeukbluebabeuk Posts: 559
    Had a play around now and it's well cool! Nice to see how 30 guests will look at least...I may have to invest!
  • calalilyukcalalilyuk Posts: 153
    Well i've been playing about on it again today and i'm really liking this now. Shame there isn't anyone who actually has it because we could all share the same product code and activate our trial versions...*cheeky grin* I'm glad you've all found this interesting and usefull

  • bluebabeukbluebabeuk Posts: 559
    Is there a way to down load it say 3 times (to enable me to enter about 90 guests) ?!
  • calalilyukcalalilyuk Posts: 153
    I downloaded a latest version of it today but it just replaced the older version. The best thing to do is put in the first 30 guests say for example on 3 tables, print it and save it as e.g Plan 1. Then go back into it and add the other 30 guests on the other say 3 tables, print and so on for the other 30. You can then stick the 3 pages together and get your 90 guests on one plan....thats what i'm going to try anyway.
  • MrsPetuniaMrsPetunia Posts: 865
    I haven't ued it - but it might be worth registering on the website - they have all sorts of tools, including a table planner which I think is really good (used it to help my mother do her table plan)
  • calalilyukcalalilyuk Posts: 153
    Hi petuna

    Are you talking about the tableplan that is already made and you just have to write the peoples name on? £12.99 one? I saw that one but i want circular tables not the rectangular ones.
  • sally252uksally252uk Posts: 801
    Ladies, don't buy a table planner without trying this first! If you want to seat less than 8 per table use this as a template - and it's free!!

    Hope it saves us a couple of quid!

  • bluebabeukbluebabeuk Posts: 559
    That's cool too, thanks Sally! How did you find that? I'll give it a go and save my 20 quid for now!
  • shellsukshellsuk Posts: 252
    hey sally that site is really good and the table plan is really useful thanx for putting that on here. x
  • calalilyukcalalilyuk Posts: 153
    Thats not a bad plan is it? But you can't move the tables about to the actual layout you're having. And i wanted all the guests sat behind the top table (i'm too fussy for my own good). Thanks sally, i'm sure this will be very usefull to many b2b's.
  • MongooseukMongooseuk Posts: 314
    Love the Discovery Home and Health option. Thank you!!!!
  • lisa-jtlisa-jt Posts: 399
    Princess bride

    Thats not a bad plan is it? But you can't move the tables about to the actual layout you're having. And i wanted all the guests sat behind the top table (i'm too fussy for my own good). Thanks sally, i'm sure this will be very usefull to many b2b's.

    Don't worry your not the only one i had exactly the same thoughts!!! ;\)

    It is a lovely plan but not a hi-tech as the other one and i don't think £20 is to bad!!!!

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  • calalilyukcalalilyuk Posts: 153
    Well ladies I made a rough plan on paper of the tables and guests. I then split it down the centre and had 30 guests on one side and the other 30 on the otherside. On The perfect tableplan i was able to put in all of my 6 guest tables as well as the top table and decided to fill in half the tables with 30 guests then print, then fill in the other 30 on the other half and print. After i'd printed i just stuck the 2 pieces of paper together and there it tableplan of 60 without having to buy The perfect tableplan for £20. So it can be done in a cheating sort of way!
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