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Would you go for a tasting knowing you were not going to book?

We have always offered a tasting session to our Brides and Grooms.

Normally this is when we have had several chats, email back and forth, menu choices, quote in line with budget. ie when we are pretty sure that the Bride and Groom are going to book us.

Recently we had a Bride email for an indicative quote for a their Wedding at a Wedding venue near us. Neither the Bride or Groom live in the county in fact they are three counties away but want a Kent Wedding. They came to visit on a Sunday lunchtime with the Grooms parents.

We felt during discussions that no one out of the four of them seemed very interested in what we had to offer. We asked for  their wishes/requirements for the day but they did not have any particular preferences.

We offered  complimentary canapes and a bespoke three course dinner within their budget. Since the meeting over a month ago we have not heard from them. Although they asked us to source circular tables for them and to visit the Wedding Venue on their behalf to ascertain if the two rooms were large enough for their guests. I have sent two emails with information they asked us to provide and have not had a reply.

We have now come to the conclusion they were in the Kent countryside for the day and thought they would have lunch on us!

We have never had a couple not proceed to a booking after a tasting or not answering emails when we have visited a venue on the behalf! How rude!!!


  • Wow that's awful, I posted on here a few days ago about suppliers not rplying to me but I think its just as bad anyway round, I did however have a dj email and ask if I had thought about his quote yet as I hadn't replied to him (I honestly thought I had) but I had to say yes sorry we wasn't interested,, I felt really bad, not because we wasn't using him but because I hadn't replied. Xx
  • I wouldn't go to a tasting if the company was not a strong contender/on short list.

    I wonder if they are having second thoughts about venue. Perhaps they have been busy at work etc. That said I had a conversation with a potential catering company yesterday, we have two on the short list, they had sent me some sample menus but work has been crazy busy when the lady telephoned yesterday I hadn't even looked through them properly which must have looked bad but I apologised and explained and said the plan was to have a proper look at the weekend. I was impressed they telephoned for a follow up. Perhaps just telephone them to ask if they had a chance to discuss the tasting and tell them you have made enquiries about the tables.
  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018
    I would go if I wasn't sure if I was going to book or not but not if I knew I definitely wasn't. Hope that makes sense!

    Like brideinaspin says, they may just be very just be very busy. I feel like my emails should just start with 'I'm so sorry for the late rely I've been really busy at work' to save my typing it out every time! Xx
  • The bride and groom and his parents travelled down from the midlands to view the wedding venue for the 2nd time. So they asked if they could have a tasting on the Sunday lunchtime after they had been to show the groom parents the venue. I don't expect a booking based on a taster session, however normally the taster session is after the couple are 90% sure we are the caterer for them. This couple asked to visit after the initial quote. However they seem very disinterested in discussing their requirements. The Bride hardly spoke and the grooms mother said nothing! What I am more bothered about is that we went to their chosen venue to ascertain the facilities were adequate for their requirements. They asked us to do that! It was three hours of our time and although I emailed them with our positive findings they have not responded to our email! At least out of courtesy they should email and let us know they are not interested!
  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    It's really rude and not something I would expect after you seem to have been so generous with your time and money.

    Are they of British nationality? That's not to discriminate only to say that other nationalities have very different ways of dealing with things such as a wedding. They may find some things you are doing rude for whatever reason. As the vendor I think you have to deal with these kinds of people as part of the job unfortunately. Goodness knows I have had bad customers in the past!

    Email is the most irritating form of contact sometimes. People so easily ignore them or put off a reply. If you have a phone number, call them instead.

  • Umm you're offering free tastings? Sorry but you're being way too nice! Every company I've dealt with has asked me to pay for a sample - which I'm totally cool with because this stuff is pricey. I got a free tasting of my menu but only after paying the non-refundable hire fee for the venue. Why not offer a tasting for a fee which is refundable if they book with you?

    You sound like a lovely, considerate company so you shouldn't have to deal with naughty people on the scrounge Xxxx

  • Helen McHelen Mc Posts: 53

    I feel awfull for you!  You have really gone out of your way to help them.  However I aggree with Cardigan Girl, pay a price and then take it off the final booking when they do.

    We had a small taster when we went to view our venue but only got a proper tasting after we booked and paid our deposit (it was a venue and caterer in 1).

    But I would be very wary of this couple, it sounds a little suspect to me but could be for many reasons.  I would infact avoid this booking.


  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    Perhaps they had every intention of booking, but after the tasting were not impressed with what you had to offer, I find it odd that an events company has to source circular tables, surely this is a basic item for your business?!

    Perhaps they felt it better to just not reply rather than tell you what you gave them was not up to their standards?!

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    i think it's a bit rude you have come on here complaining about a customer tbh. if i were them and was just umming and ahhing and came on here and saw this i definitelt wouldnt be getting back to you now. it is quite unprofessional to come on a public forum and complain about a potential customer...

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