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Keeping guests entertained...Choc fountain, ice sculpture lug or something else

Any ideas on the best way to keep guests entertained? Friends have suggested the following:

Ice sculpture lug


Chocolate fountain

casino table.

Weve got a band lined up and dj but looking for something else. Any views on these

Thanks image



  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    when would you want them to be entertained? whats your budget? what space have you got?


    magicians are flexible and dont need additional space, casinos need time and space, choc fountains are cheap and easy, no idea about sculpture lunge (sp) but they are good-do you mean the shot ones? how drunk do you want your guests to be? a good band and dj should keep all the music/dancing lovers sorted in the evening


    just some thoughts

  • SussexJonSussexJon Posts: 10

    Hi Nats,

    We have the band etc sorted out. Space isnt a problem either which is good. Been getting quotes from companies...some are very pricey such as the ones in London. Others seem quite reasonable.

    Found Ice Agency and Ice Work to be good...nice designs too.

    Was a competition to win one with the formers facebook page

    Not sure if still running image

  • They do the photo booths that guests can put on silly wigs & hats etc. We might be having this one at our wedding where the guests can also record a video message too.
  • EmmaGEmmaG Posts: 3

    Hi, which one does photo booths too? 

  • RsmithRsmith Posts: 18

    My suggestion is to hire a swing singer. Hiring him will be an excellent idea if you are looking to host a party and want to make it special. He will entertain your guests with his stupendous musical performance using a violin or a guitar.


  • I suggest you to hire singing waiter  for the occassion. They offers truly remarkable performance so that everyone enjoys it. You and your guests will be amazed with their breathtaking performance because of their ability to perform with an energy that is contagious.

  • Check out and check out the weddings page!
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